Film Launch

Launch of the film of the book Bittersweet Brexit

January 4th at the Oxford Real Farm Conference

1.30 - 2.30 pm Old Library

ORFC site #orfc19

Chair the workshop on 'Preston Model' #prestonmodel Copy of my opening talk

This initiative can be seen as part wider message spelt out in Bittersweet Brexit to invest in ourselves and so 'build community wealth' - especially through food and farming.

Launch the film of the book, showing short 4-5 min version.

Here are full versions..

Part 1 (Politics)

Part 2 (Science)

Point to website for daily updates. We are looking for people to help build the site. This could be individual design or/and community discussion/involvement.

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Straight afterward in same room..

I stood in for Sheila..Sheila Dillon (BBC Food Programme) to chair panel with Kath Dalmeny, Elise Wach, Dee Woods & Me (also standing in for LWA person). We each outlined the challenges to a PFP from 5 different perspectives.
Me & Sheila on BBC Radio 4 Food Programme - as small farmer - distribution from remote areasKath Dalmeny (CEO of Sustain) (Kath at our recent LARDER Conference) - joined up workingElise Wach from Institute of Development Studies - research challenges.
Dee Dee Wood (London Food Board) (podcast of me in Discussion with Dee Woods, - thanks to Tom Wakeford). In particular, we discussed how we now see ourselves in Britain in relation to the rest of the world - through our food.) concerned about land access
Kay Johnson (fellow Director of the Larder) linking ;ocal food production & consumption
We divided into 5 groups - reflecting each of our challenges - Regular distribution, Land access, Capital control of research, Join up action, Connect local production & consumption see how to overcome those challenges.