Big Issue (North) Mar '20 Why don't we more to help Northern farmers?

Unite News Online says "we have an opportunity to set matters off in a new direction – even if we don’t Brexit. The book gives people a chance to join the debate and then make up their own mind as to what is best for most of us, the future of the country and for the earth. Then go out and fight for it.”
Big Issue article Why don't we just...feed ourselves better?
Labour Briefing
Unite News Online February One of the UK’s biggest berry farms is moving part of its operations to China because it claims it can’t find enough workers. However, Unite said the agricultural sector would be able to find domestic labour sources if workers were paid, treated and trained properly...and then quoted Bittersweet Brexit saying we should proper Living Wage to 300,000 permanent land workers.
Country Standard July 18 argues for a different form of agriculture from plantations and which pays people properly
Landworker article (Aut 2018 'Seven months' food supply warning'') (Page 1 & Page 2) makes mention of Clutterbuck saying there needs to be much more investment in UK Farming and that includes rebuilding our research station.
Shadow DEFRA calls book 'sensible and interesting work'


My friend Geoff Tansey asked me (Sept '19) to write about

Rat hairs, food Standards and possible No (= Trump) Deal

'Rat Hairs' updated

More about Trump & Trade

A chance encounter on first day of election with my local Tory MP produced the following - 'My heart is in farming'. Picked up by Sustain

From Unite's Landworker 'No Deal Brexit Armageddon' Autumn 2019 p11


Talk at Manchester Metropolitan University Dec 10 @ Noon, John Dalton Blding

Unite News Online 'Time for Farming subsidy reform'

Quotes Bittersweet Brexit and Charlie saying "Instead of paying a few rich landowners we could pay 300,000 people (who work on the land).”

Sowerby Bridge CLP

Tweet from @markmetcalf07 "I was pleased to speak about the ideas in Bittersweet Brexit by @clutterbuckcha1⁩ at Sowerby Bridge Labour Party ward who unanimously backed a resolution for party to explore the ideas. Robert, former land worker, & Mick, a horticulturalist bought book ⁦@PlutoPress
Sowerby Bridge CLP passed motion, that DEFRA shadow responds to (above)
Food Policty City UnoiversityFood Thinkers @ City University


Geoff Tansey interviews Charlie, author of #bittersweetbrexit, saying we need a big debate about #Brexit #Food
Bradford Community Radio where Marie McCahery interviews Charlie about Bittersweet Brexit in her programme 'Why Don't economists..?' Here Charlie asks 'Why don't economists..stop treating food like a commodity?
Quote of the day
Discussion with Dee Woods, member of London Food Board, Podcast thanks to Tom Wakeford. In particular we discussed how we now see ourselves in Britain in relation to the rest of the world, through our food.

Film of the Book

Part 1 (Politics)

Part 2 (Science)

More about film


May '19 Theory & Struggle Richard Clarke "Bittersweet Brexit documents thecontradictions of a world of food and farming dominated by the supermarkets and bylanded and finance capital."
Europe Now "It is the author’s good luck (but the misfortune of the rest of us) that two years later (in mid-January 2019), with less than three months to go till the legally binding exit date, so much of the book still holds true. "
Socialist Review of books 2018 'Highly recommended' - see side graphic. Thanks to Martin Empson for review!
Baroness Hayter (Dep Leader Labour Lords & Shadow DEFRA) speaking in House of Lords Sept 4 saying she has yet to find the sweet bit.
openDemocracy included Bittersweet Brexit in their 'Best political books of 2017' list saying "it is the first serious attempt to explore the #ToryBrexit consequences for farming, land and food inflation."
Food Ethics Council Book of the Month
Resolute Reader review "embraces the sense of democracy and regaining of control of agriculture".
Amazon 2 reviews scoring 4.5* one 'informative' other 'excellent' quoting “Instead of ... money going to the landed gentry to do nothing, this would be paid to people who work.”
Waterstones 1 Review 5* "Food security appears to be low on the political agenda and this book addresses those issues that must be of serious concern for the future of food and farming after we leave the EU"


Brighton Grove Allotment, Birch Community Centre, Sept 20th 'Bringing the Soil to Life'
Preston Model & Food. Chairing Conference at Town Hall - Invitees only - but if you want to come, please let me know. Oct 25
Rugby Fabian Society

See 'Talks' for each presentation

Blackburn College Social Science Degree talkTodmorden Food Assembly Nov 23 Book signingBradford Trades Council Nov 30 Charlie giving talk #bittersweetbrexit Global Justice Now event in Bradford January 'Trade with Trump' - around the possible US-UK Trade Deal.Blackburn Trades Council write upNW Unite Liverpool Belfast Left Book ClubManchester Metropolitan University Munch Harris Institute Preston Anjou Club, L'Etoile restaurant, Fitzrovia, London May 10 lunchTalk with Nicola Verdon, Maurice Jagger Centre, Halifax June 21 eveningTodmorden Incredible Edibles, 10th Anniversary June 23 afternoon - just before Colin TudgeLeeds Unite Committee Aug 7Calderdale Green Party Sept 5Rugby Fabians Nov 28