Food, Farming & Fishing in the country could be sold down the river (Thames) for the Finance Sector in the City. This is the Big Brexit Battle.

This is all about who we are and what we want to be - our identity in terms of food. Yet the trade deals are secret, the subsidies are being squeezed and rural economies ignored. Is that the 'Britishness' we we are expecting and how does it translate to our countryside and the food we eat? This is a massive debate, that we should have been having for years. Now we must.

While the government dazzled them with their subsidies, talking about 'public goods', they blinded many to the bigger issue – tariffs, thousands of them. 2000 tariffs on farm products and 15,000 on foodstuffs. Some argue to reduce them to let more food imports in. Hiding behind the ones who complained of unbendy banana bureaucrats, are the free traders heading off to reconquer the world, and not caring about what happens to our countryside.

Treasury Adviser says Farming & Fisheries not important suggesting we could look to be like Singapore (ie '“rich without having its own agricultural sector”). He said "the food sector was 'not critically important' to the country’s economy – and that agriculture and fisheries certainly isn’t'”. The government said that this was not their position. But expect more noises like this.

Gove schmoozed delegates at both Oxford Farming Conferences while having his mate - the US Ambassador for trade - tag along.

The British government is locked in a “ferocious” internal battle over whether to sign off a trade deal with Australia after a split between the department of agriculture and the department of international trade over the terms of the agreement. "Two people with knowledge of internal discussions said ministers were divided over whether to grant tariff-free access to Australian farmers, which would risk a backlash from the UK farming industry — and potentially spark domestic political fallout. Clinching a deal with Australia — the first big post-Brexit trade deal that is not a ‘rollover’ of existing agreements the UK enjoyed as an EU member — would be a symbolic moment for Brexiters arguing for the benefits of free trade".

Brexit Battle

This is much bigger than the Corn Laws over 1560 years ago, that we used to learn about at school. Then – in 1830/40s, there was great division for over ten years. Now there is not even debate, as our MPs are kept out of scrutinising deals..

That involved a significant few taxes, this involves 2000 agricultural taxes

Each negotiated by EU painstakingly over years, and with 150+countries,

Ugandan beef will be followed by..New Zealand lamb, Argentinian beef.

To be replaced by what?


Food Sector worth about £200 B while farm about £10B - farm and fishing sectors represent less than 1% of the UK’s economy respectively. Rural and coastal communities voted out in large numbers during the 2016 referendum after the Vote Leave campaign argued that farmers and fishermen would would be better off once free of EU rules.