BitLife-Life Simulator Guide

BitLife - Life Simulator-enjoy the realistic life

If you are the one like me who loves playing simulation games where you can choose your life then BitLife - Life Simulator is the game that you can try playing. BitLife - Life Simulator is a game where you need to make the right choices regarding your life to make it brighter and flourishing. It is a text-based simulation game that is developed for both android and iOS platforms. Here you will face numerous conditions in the game where you will require making decisions, and according to your choice, then things will go. But before that let me tell you that you should use the BitLife - Life Simulator hack before starting the game, if you want to enjoy before 18 in the game.

Now without taking the things to long here let's get to know more about the game below. So without any further delay, let's get into it.


The game initiates with you having a random life and playing the role of a girl. You can customize the things in the game according to your preference like gender, city, country, etc. Now talking about the stats then each character will have its stats based on the time of birth like health, smarts, happiness, etc. But a role with good stats is essential to become successful.

Money is key to financial freedom and fun

The money will help you do a lot of things in the game like casino, dates crime and much more. The choice is entirely yours to choose the good or the wrong side or how you want to turn your life into. But still, here we are with some of the tips that you can apply to the game to be successful. You can also use a relaxed approach that is the BitLife - Life Simulator cheats to grab an unlimited amount of money.


The very first tips that you should always first have a look at the start of the character you are choosing. It is because different personalities have different stats like how they look, intelligence, happiness, etc. Based on these stats, the game lets you progress.

Lastly, choices are to be made carefully in the game so that you keep hold of the outcome of the entire game. Therefore choose wisely what decision you make.