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What is BitiCodes?

The crypto winter is here to stay, but you have nothing to worry about since there are tools to help you stay profitable in these market conditions.

A crypto robot known as BitiCodes is reportedly the best bet for trading the crashing markets. The bot is allegedly equipped with technologies to implement sophisticated short-selling techniques.

Short-selling ensures profitability in crashing markets. The bot also implements other sophisticated techniques to ensure profitability in all market conditions. But is BitiCodes a scam or an authentic crypto robot?

This review presents all the facts about BitiCodes to help you make an informed choice. Don’t register before reading it to the end.

BitiCodes Review Summary 

This bot has a great reputation as the world's most advanced short-selling platform. However, it implements many other techniques to ensure profitability in all markets.

Many expert reviewers confirm that BitiCodes has powerful algorithms for a multi-strategy trading approach. The table below summarises the important points to note about this robot.

What is BitiCodes? 

BitiCodes is a revolutionary CFDs trading software founded in 2018. The software is built on Artificial Intelligence (AI), among other sophisticated automated trading technologies.

These technologies ensure superior performance by enabling it to analyze and make data-driven trading decisions. Big data analysis improves the quality of the trading signals delivered by this bot.

BitiCodes is specialized in trading crypto. The bot claims to trade hundreds of crypto CFDs through the assigned brokers. According to a whitepaper on their site, the bot can study and generate signals on up to 300 crypto CFD pairs within a minute.

The expert reviews indicate that it can place multiple trades per minute. Some reviews claim it makes money in at least 90% of these trades. We will find out if this is true later in this review.

The sophisticated technologies applied by this bot do not make it hard to use. Beginners describe the bot as super easy to operate. The great reviews from beginner traders indicate that anyone could earn profits right from day one of trading.

Your trading success depends on how you set the bot and the market conditions. You can influence the outcome by following the trading guide to the letter.

BitiCodes Risk Management Tools

BitiCodes is a superior performer with a track record of delivering daily profits of up to 40%. But it’s also super risky and could lead to devastating losses.

An analysis of the BitiCodes reviews indicate that at least 10% of those who try it lose money. This is expected of any trading or investment platform. Risk and reward will always have a positive correlation.

Obviously, any investment with huge profitability potential is also super risky. BitiCodes has tried to minimize the potential risks through a myriad of tools. These tools include a Stop Loss (SL) for controlling the emotions of fear.

You are likely to be fearful when the markets are moving against you. Fear may tempt you to close the trades prematurely and hence miss a rebound. The BitiCodes SL tool helps you predetermine the risk level at which the trades should automatically close.

Another risk control offered by this bot is the Take Profit (TP). The TP prevents you from holding an already profitable trade for too long. You will likely get greedy when the markets move in your direction and fail to close profitable trades at the right time.

Use the BitiCodes TP tools to eliminate the emotion of greed in your trading. Analysts attribute poor decision-making in all trading to the emotions of fear and greed. These emotions can cloud your decisions in both manual and automated trading.

BitiCodes Login Page and website safety

Safety should always be a priority for all financial traders. This is because sophisticated cyberattacks are targeting trading platforms at an alarming rate.

At least 90% of cyberattacks targeting financial institutions are directed toward trading platforms. Platforms that offer crypto trading are more targeted than those that offer traditional assets trading.

Experts conclude that BitiCodes is one of the safest crypto trading platforms on the internet today. This is because the bot is built on the coveted AES 256 encryption. Moreover, its server-side is secured through foolproof Amazon S3 encryption.

Our investigation confirms that the platform operates under a comprehensive data privacy policy. BitiCodes claims that the policy is built on the tenets of globally respected data privacy laws such as the GDPR. A platform that is GDPR compliant should be held in the highest regard.

BitiCodes has measures in place to guide its users through safe password practices. Safe password practices are quite important. This is because over half of cyberattacks begin with compromised login information.

Advantages of trading crypto with BitiCodes

Trading crypto with BitiCodes has many advantages. An analysis of experts’ reports indicates that this tool is the best bet for crypto speculators.  

BitiCodes reportedly outperforms 99% of the crypto trading bots out there. These include those offered by big investment banks and hedge funds. Some expert reviewers have done an in-depth comparison of BitiCodes with leading premium robots.

These premium robots charge an annual license fee of up to $10,000. BitiCodes is available on a free license. The comparison ranks BitiCodes higher in profitability. Moreover, the bot outperforms its premium competitors in transparency, ease of use, and safety.

We are amazed by the transparency measures established by this robot. This bot is among the handful of trading systems operating on a blockchain-based system. Blockchain is the holy grail of all online transactions.

All transactions under the BitiCodes system are documented on an immutable public ledger. The participants in the trading ecosystem can monitor all the transactions in this ledger. BitiCodes claims to use a Smart Contract system to ensure that the conditions indicated in the trading contract are observed in the letter.

Despite all the sophistication, this crypto robot is extremely easy to use. As you will see below, trading with it happens in a few simple steps. We have subjected BitiCodes to all important safety tests and concluded that it’s secure.

We have also tested its customer support services and found them satisfactory. You can reach out to the BitiCodes team 24/5, Monday through Friday. This trading bot has a traceable office in London, UK.

BitiCodes Pros and Cons in a nutshell

The advantages of BitiCodes are many. Expert reviewers conclude that the pros far outweigh the cons. We have summarized the top pros and cons in the table below.

Tips to get the Best Returns with BitiCodes

BitiCodes is automated, but its performance is still dependent on the measures implemented by the user.

Some expert reviews have outlined some of the measures implemented by the robot’s users to achieve great trading success. We have discussed the top 5 tips to help you maximize the potential of this crypto trading robot.

Follow market news

You will find an events calendar and a link to a third-party newsfeed on the trading resources centre. Ensure that BitiCodes is running during the market events identified in the calendar. Read the news and commentaries provided through the third-party link to identify tradable market news and events. Run BitiCodes during these events.

Select a trading time zone and adhere to it

BitiCodes reportedly performs best during two time zones. These include the New York and the London time zones. Experts recommend these two time zones because of the heavy crypto derivatives trading in NYSE and LSE. Also, the US and the UK are the biggest crypto markets globally. The heavy trading means translates to high crypto volatility. BitiCodes uses the CFDs derivatives to ride the volatility. You should select either of these time zones and stick to it.

Run the bot for eight straight hours

The hours traded per day have a huge influence on the trading outcome. You will maximize the trading outcome with this bot by running it for eight straight hours daily. The best time to trade is between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. As stated above, you should trade the London or the New York time zones.

Start small and reinvest consistently

Most of BitiCodes' success stories revolve around reinvestment. You will likely build fortunes if you use the robot's reinvestment tools appropriately. The reinvestment tool helps traders predetermine the profits that should be reinvested. We highly recommend that you start small and take an aggressive reinvestment strategy. Starting small gives you the room to evaluate performance and change the settings to fit your risk profile.

Get trading buddies

A trading buddy will help you stay on top of the trading game by constantly evaluating your trading practices. Trading buddies should share their experiences and exchange notes on the best practices. You are likely to achieve amazing trading results when trading in a group. However, don't sweat it if you can't find a trading team. You can go it alone and still achieve groundbreaking success.

Getting Started with BitiCodes

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of crypto robots in the market today. Most of these crypto robots are sophisticated for ordinary traders.

BitiCodes is one of the few crypto robots developed for the complete beginner. This robot applies sophisticated technologies to make crypto speculation extremely easy. These technologies revolve around AI, quantum computing, and blockchain.

Getting started with BitiCodes should be a cakewalk. However, registration opportunities are few and only accessible by luck. Below are the steps to get you on the roll with this robot.

Register a free account

Visit the official BitiCodes sites and complete the registration through the signup form. You may be prompted to verify contact information before proceeding. Submitting inaccurate details during registration could lead to account suspension. Registering on the website will lead you to the underlying broker's page.

Verify your BitiCodes account

BitiCodes operates through top-notch crypto CFDs brokers. The bot access the global markets through these brokers. You need to authenticate your registration with the bot by uploading ID verification documents through the broker. The broker processes the documents within an hour. You don’t have to wait for the verification to complete since you can proceed to the other steps.

Fund the trading account through the broker

The broker reportedly handles the transactions on behalf of the trading system. You will therefore be prompted to deposit through the broker. The broker accepts trading capital deposits via debit and credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill. Biticodes claims that all deposits are free.

Familiarize with BitiCodes through the demo

We have visited the BitiCodes educational centre and found it well equipped. You should be fully prepared after watching the 20-minute introductory video. Use the BitiCodes demo to try out the settings as explained in the video. All the expert reviews describe the demo as highly efficient. The experts allege that it offers a real feel of the trading experience.

Start a live session

You are given the option to select a trading time zone before going live. As experienced earlier, the London and the New York time zones are the best. Select the time zone and set BitiCodes to run from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Also, adjust the risk settings as explained in the guide and click the live trading button. You don't have to monitor every minute of trading. BitiCodes performs exceptionally well when left to trade without interruption.

BitiCodes Review Verdict!

BitiCodes is legit and transparent. The legitimacy is evident in its amazing reputation and top-notch transparency measures. As usual, our technical team has applied a sentiment analysis tool to study this bot.

Tens of thousands of BitiCodes reviews have been analyzed in the review. As mentioned earlier, the feedback from the analysis is generally good. This robot is reviewed as legit, affordable, highly profitable, easy to use, and safe.

We can confirm that it's genuine, easy to use, safe, and above all, super profitable. Its reputation is enough evidence of its huge profitability potential. BitiCodes is described as a money-minting machine.

Many factors reportedly influence its profitability. These include the risk per trade applied, current market conditions, and luck. The trading outcome achieved through this bot is highly unpredictable given the volatility of the crypto markets.

Please do not take the BitiCodes risk disclaimer lightly. Failure to evaluate your risk appetite and take the necessary precautionary measures can lead to devastating losses. Invest wisely!


Is BitiCodes a scam? 

BitiCodes has been subject to thorough expert testing and verified to be genuine. We have scrutinized it and concluded that it has all the important transparency measures. These include operating in a transparent blockchain-driven ecosystem. 

Does Biticodes support mobile trading? 

The BitiCodes app can be accessed through a link shared on the resources page. You only need to click the provided link to initiate the download. The app is compatible with all mobile operating systems. 

How do I withdraw profits from Biticodes? 

You can access your funds anytime by submitting a request through the form provided on the trading resources page. Withdrawals can take up to 24 hours. You can’t withdraw more than $10,000 in a single transaction. 

Is BitiCodes authorized in my country? 

BitiCodes is reportedly authorized in over 160 countries globally. The bot accesses the markets through partnerships with locally regulated brokers. Users connect to the local brokers by registering on its official site. 

How much do I pay to use Biticodes? 

BitiCodes is a free crypto robot. You will only pay the trading commission when profitable. This commission is charged via an underlying broker. The USD250 deposit requirement is the trading capital and not the cost of the robot. 

Does BitiCodes charge any hidden fees? 

Biticodes has disclosed all its fees on the trading resources page. All the fees are charged through a Smart Contracts (SC) system to ensure high-level transparency. The SC system is blockchain-based.