Bitdefender Central - How to Change Central.Bitdefender.Com Account Password

Bitdefender Central is a web platform that offers access to product's online services and features. Users can smoothly perform tasks on devices on which Bitdefender is installed. Users can access their central account via mobile or any computer by going to Its products include self-configuring kits, software that uses a network of malware data, and software that secures virtual, physical, and cloud-based endpoints. Its main feature is to protect the web-connected devices in the smart home. Bitdefender Box prevents hacker attacks and includes specialized local protection for Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS devices. In this write-up, we'll discuss how users can remove a device from their Bitdefender Central Account. We will also provide the steps to reset the password of the Central account in two different ways. Continue reading for further information.

How to remove a device from Bitdefender Central Account

To remove a device from the Bitdefender subscription, you also need to remove it from your Central account as follows:

  • Firstly, open the web browser.

  • Now, go to "Bitdefender Central" and complete the login process.

  • After that, go to the "My Device" section.

  • Choose the device you want to remove and select the "VIEW DETAILS/VIEW ISSUES" button.

  • Select the three dots and click on the "remove" button.

  • Select the box next to "confirm that you understand the risks of the action" and click on "remove."

  • Hence, the device is removed from your Bitdefender Central account.

  • Lastly, the number of devices left on your subscription will update shortly.

Note: make sure you uninstall/delete the Bitdefender product on the device before removing it from your Bitdefender Central account.

Steps to Reset the Password of your Bitdefender Central Account

If you want to modify/change your Bitdefender Central account's password, follow the guidelines given below:

  • Firstly, open the web browser on your device.

  • Log in to your account through Bitdefender Central.

  • Now, click on the icon next to your name, and tap on Bitdefender account.

  • Select the "Password and Security" on the next page.

  • Click on "Password."

  • After that, write your current password in the given section. Then write a new password in the "New Password" section.

  • Lastly, click on the "Change Password" button.

  • Hence, your Central account password is changed successfully, and you will be able to use your new password at the time of next login.

Note: if you cannot log in to your account, follow the steps given in the below section.

Steps to reset Bitdefender Central Account Password if you cannot log in to your Account

  • Open the web page on your device.

  • Now, search for Bitdefender Central page.

  • Now, click on the "Sign in" button.

  • Enter the email id connected to your Bitdefender account and tap on the "Next" button.

  • Now, tap on "Forgot Password?" visible on the left side of the sign-in button.

  • After that, type the email address connected with your account and click on the "Next" button.

  • After that, you will get the code and instructions to change your password via email.

  • Type the received code in the given section and click on the "Next" button or click on the "Change Password" link in the email.

  • Note: the security code and link received via email will expire in 5 days for security/privacy purposes. If you enter the code incorrectly five times, then the code will expire, and you will need to perform the first three steps again to generate a new code.

  • Select a new password and tap on the "Save" button.

Hence, your password is successfully changed, and now you can log in to the Bitdefender Central account with your new password.

How to Change the Email Address linked with the Bitdefender Central Account

In this section of the write-up, we have given the steps to change your email address associated with your Bitdefender Account. Read further for more information.

  • Open the web browser first.

  • Now, complete the login process through Bitdefender Central.

  • After that, select the account icon visible on the left of the notification icon in the upper right corner.

  • Now, select the "Bitdefender Account" button.

  • In the next tab, tap on the "Email address" button visible under the Personal information section.

  • After that, enter the new email address in the "New email" section and click on the "CHANGE EMAIL" button.

  • Next, you'll receive a "Confirmation Email" from Bitdefender to ensure the new email is yours. Click on the link received via email to see the changes.

Hence, the new email is now associated with your Bitdefender Central account.


In this write-up, we have given the guidelines to remove a device from the Bitdefender Central account. We have also provided the instructions to reset the Central account's password in two different ways and how you can change/update your email in the Bitdefender account.