Birdy Lamp Creates A Childlike Space

Birdy lamp is a series of lighting designed in 1952. The birdy northern light has wall lamps, table lamps and floor lamps series. The birdy lampa adopts classic design, and today the lighting is still outdated design.

birdy lamp

The birdy table lamp is very popular in this series. The table lamp is convenient and easy to move to the place where lighting is needed. At the same time, birdy metal table lamp can also create a childlike space for you.

birdy lampada

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northern birdy table lamp

The birdy lampadaire shows you the charm of modernism style. The exterior is designed in a pure color, and there are two colors for you to choose.

The pure color design allows the table lamp to blend into your living environment more naturally. The northern lighting birdy table lamp emits a soft and non-glaring light, which is suitable for you to place next to the bedside table.

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The birdy table light imitates the shape of a bird, and the bracket is adjustable. You can change the angle of the table lamp to any place you need.

The appearance of the lampe birdie table is simple and practical. Northern lighting birdy table is mainly made of steel, aluminum and aluminum alloy. It looks very textured and can create a modernist style for you.