About the project

BIONICLE Eternal is a fan-made reimagining of LEGO's BIONICLE theme, which ran from 2001 to 2010 and was rebooted to run from 2015 to 2016. The project was established in October of 2016 by DannyBoyy. Our content is made up of a written novella and physical models of our characters released periodically.

Also some extraneous 'lore' (using the term generously here) pages that only exist because Bobofoot has no life (also Obsidian kept bothering him about making it), narrated by the in-universe character Shu-Tural.

Chapters are released weekly, aside from the hiatuses between acts (or waves, if you prefer) of two weeks, and the hiatuses between books (or years, as each book's content begins at the start of each year).


"I'm Jayzor. For some reason I'm in charge, even though DannyBoyy started the project. I enjoy writing and drawing, but don't do either of them nearly enough. I have contributed to portions of the story, as well as throwing in my opinions just about everywhere else."

"I'm Limeaid Drama, LAD for short. I'm a composer, animator, serial killer, and occasionally I pitch ideas. Wait, one of those careers is wrong... probably animator...?"

"I'm Tiche Potato, I dabble in far too many things to be half decent at any of them, but on this I mainly act as a consultant, lending my opinions and vast knowledge of general fiction tropes. I provide suggestions and ideas, mainly for improving the creations of the rest of the team. I also own and manage the discord, as I both created it and am the most experienced member of the team in regards to the program."

"I'm Rocka. I'm the model designer for this project but I also contribute to the story and edit the written work here and there. I'd like to think that my area of the project requires the most time and effort because I get a lot of... um... suggestions from people like Obsidian. But I'm always happy when I'm MOCing, so there's that."

"I'm Bobofoot, a once normal person who was consumed by the power of the nerd side. I'm not involved in a whole lot of outreach stuff, so you may never see me, but I'm the head writer for the project."

"I'm Obsidian, the resident nitpicker. Danny made me a mad boi so at least Jayzor's in charge now, and Tiche is my senpai. I annoy everyone, give far too harsh criticisms on Rocka's models, spellcheck the heck out of the story and write actual stuff into it sometimes. You can tell where I am because the parts are short and suck.

I'm also basically in charge of managing this website now by default, considering Danny is barely around anymore. BOW TO MY OMNIPOTENT POWER! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA- *COUGH* *COUGH* *COUGH*"

"I am Kirathel, dark lord of Eldritch Literature and overbearing edginess. I provide suggestions, ideas, villain motivations, and mostly just talk with the other devs too much. I am an aspiring writer myself, which you can see by how I try to make certain characters needlessly overcomplicated. My favorite color is Cthulhu."

"Sup. DannyBoyy here. I have a huge rivalry with Obsidian and I'm the Editor, Director of Social Media, and I designed this site (mostly, at least). Like Jazz Man just said, this project was my brainchild before I handed the reigns over to him. Took a long hiatus to focus on school halfway through, but I'm back to my regular schedule here."

Danny has been inactive for a rather long time now, not just from the project, but the internet in general. We're not entirely sure why, but as of the moment he is not formally considered a member of the team and only listed here for his past contributions.

-Obsidian, Resident Nitpicker