Biology Student Leadership

A Website for Graduate students within the Federated Department of Biological Sciences at Rutgers University -Newark and New Jersey Institute of Technology

Welcome to the BSL (Biology Student Leadership) Website.

Biology Student Leadership is an organization consisting of all active graduate students across the three tracks of the Biology graduate program in the Federated Department of Biological Science and those who have taken on leadership roles representing Biology graduate students throughout Rutgers/NJIT with the shared goal of improving the graduate school experience. Biology Student Leadership’s mission is to assess, represent, and communicate the interests of Biology students to the program committees both within the department and within the universities (Rutgers GSGA, NJIT GSA, Colloquium Committee, AAUP-AFT, etc.). Specifically, Biology Student Leadership’s purpose is to inform students of their rights and responsibilities within the program, advocate for student interests when requests fall within the member’s respective role within the program, and connect students to resources that may enhance their experience. Our core goal is to promote collaboration and understanding between students, department faculty, and administrators to assist in promoting a Biology graduate program that will effectively develop the educational and professional skills for all of its Masters and PhD level members.


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