Binalud Mount, top peak of Khorasan

Roof of Khorasan

Binalud Peak is the most famous mountain in Khorasan province, which is 3211 meters high and is located a few kilometers north of Neyshabur city. Binalud, part of the Alborz mountain range, is known as the roof of Khorasan. This mountain is located between Neyshabur and Mashhad, and due to the fact that it is located in warm and dry areas, it has relatively significant rainfall, about 400-5000 mm in annual precipitation. From other peaks of this mountain range, it is possible to mention Shirbad (3250 m high), Faleskeh (3100) and quchgar(3050). In the northern part of it there is a subtropical mountain range with rocky valleys and depths of 200 to 300 meters. The most famous and the most water-filled them are Aklamad village and its waterfalls, which the height of the main waterfall reaches 40 meters.

Directions and duration to climb Binalud summit

The duration of the ascent to Binalud peak depends on the conditions of the area. In summer, you can climb the summit in a 1.5 day program and in winter, if the weather is appropriate, in a 4 day program.

To reach the summit, you can climb different sides. Climbing routes are: 1-North side: which includes the Ferizi ridge, and the origin of that is the Ferizi Village(one of the towns of Chenaran).

2-the southern side of which has three climb paths. A) Dokouhi ridge. B) the Gordeh ridge. C) Suzaniha(Like needles) route. It should be noted that in each of these routes. Fortunately, up to the Doshahid, the climbers made a shelter for helping ascenders climb.

South Side of Binalud

Dokouhi Route:

This ridge is in the northwest direction of the Doshahid shelter. This gentle slope allows the climber to slowly and steadily climb to the summit. Usually climbers use this edge for winter climbing. Because they are safe from the danger of avalanches falling on this track. The route reaches the summit 33.5 hours. There are several springs along the way that can supply the water needed.

Gordeh ridge:

This route is the fastest way to reach the summit of Binalud. This is exactly the ridge of the summit And it will cause climbers to reach the summit less than the other routes, which is why most climbers use this route for speed climbing. The Gordeh is located between the Dokouhi ridge and the Suzaniha and on the north side of the Doshahid shelter. At the beginning of this ridge there is a permanent spring that Before climbing, climbers can supply the water they need during this climb. After picking up water, we reach the summit after 2.5 hours. The end of this edge in the winter is the avalanche, and climbers should be very cautious when climbing this ridge in the winter.

Suzaniha(Like Needle) Route:

This route is one of the most technically and most exciting ways to climb the Binalud summit. Get out of the shelter after 11.5 hours to get to the beginning of the Suzaniha Route. This is a refuge built by Mashhad climbers. The refuge of the Modares is also visible from the Doshahid and It has 2900 meters high. From the Shelter of the Modares, you can reach the summit 33 hours by climbing three difficult Suzanis(Like Needle). It is worth recalling that climbers should be aware of climbing techniques in this way, and as a climbing person along the way should pass through the stone pathways, this is why this route has a special excitement and attracts many enthusiasts.

Zargaran wall:

As mentioned earlier, beside the Binalud Peak, there are numerous peaks such as the Zargaran's Peak and its technical wall, Kalaqan Peak, and so on. Zargaran wall with 100 meters high is located in the west of the Doshahid Shelter. The wall was reopened in 1999 with the efforts of members of the Neyshabur climbing board during a three-day program. The whole route has been rolling and the ascending climber does not need to carry the instrument. The degree of difficulty is 5 / 10a. Climbers to the Binalud summit can come to the area to do technical work and climb the walls and enjoy the climb. The wall was also launched in 1999 during a two-day winter ascent.

North Side

Ferizi route

Climbers can reach the Chenaran Road Police after passing 52 kilometers from Mashhad to climb the Binalud summit. The way to the Ferizi village is separated from the main road and after 18 km it reaches the Ferizi village. Here, the team arrives at the Ebrahimi home on the way to climb after two and a half hours. It should be noted that this route can be transported by a Nissan pickup truck. We move from the Ebrahimi home to the Imani Shelter. After reaching the gardens, we reach the path, which after 2.5 hours brings us to the Imani shelter. To ascend to the summit, move to the front of the Modares and the first Suzani(needle) from the northern front, and after 3.5 hours you reached the summit.

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