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Tuesday, July 3: These updates, #50-57 will be the final ones. Rick and I met up with Bill in Danville yesterday so I could get his pictures and videos to wrap up the last days of his hike. It's all here. There are lots of videos, so be patient with your computer as they download. They are well worth the wait. Despite his toe and the injuries of his calf, quad, and hamstring, he is doing well. (he will tell you the story and about the ensuing struggles) Chris took him to the doctor as soon as she got him to Danville. Fortunately nothing long-term serious, just debilitating for the PCT. The infection in his toe did not get to his bones or bloodstream, thankfully. All his leg issues are strains and pulls, and the result of those new glasses whose lenses were incorrect and caused him dizziness and lack of balance...hence the first fall. After that, it was other muscles compensating for the initial knee strain and the dominoes of injuries fell. He slept a lot the first days home. He's moving well, but must be careful not to press it. I am happy that he is happy and content. I will, however, miss chronicling his journey. I enjoyed seeing a part of our state I will likely never get to see. Thank you, Bill, for the 800+ PCT miles, and all the additional miles in and out of these cute little mountain towns and WONDERFUL people you met. It has been an honor to travel with you.

Wednesday, 6/27: Bill is in Danville now after Chris picked him up in Fresno around 4 pm. He's getting his toe looked at by a doctor today...first order of business. As his pictures and videos from the iCloud start trickling in, I will continue updating you on his journey all the way up to today while he waited for Chris. He still has stories to tell and views to show us. What an incredible journey he has had just these past 7 days! Not only is Bill safe, but he told me today he is NOT disappointed! He will be telling you this in person via video as soon as I get it from the iCloud. Patience. Until then, go back and view the 3rd page I just added to Update #50, and see the new Update #51 from June 21.

Tuesday, 6/26: IMPORTANT NEWS: Bill bought some brief WiFi time today at Muir Ranch Trails, a private 'camp' of sorts out in the mountains sort of parallel to Fresno to let us know that he is coming home. When he gets back in 'civilization' he can communicate directly with us and give his explanation. Until then, know he is safe, which is what matters most, although a little banged up. However, I did want to notify all of you so that when you see his SPOT GPS not moving or way off the trail, you won't worry. It's going to take him a few days to get to Fresno and then home. Thank you all for supporting him. --Jill

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