Maine Senate Contact Info

Maine Senate
3 State House Station Augusta, ME 04333-0003
Senate Phone: 207-287-1540
Senate Message Center: 1-800-423-6900
Legislature home page:
Maine Senate Members:

Maine House Contact Info

Maine House Contact Info
3 State House Station Augusta, ME 04333-0003
House Phone: 207-287-1400
House Message Center: 1-800-423-2900
Legislature home page:
House of Representative Members: 

Be Informed!

A note from our Policy Director, Mike McClellan

The 131st Maine Legislature officially began on December 7 with both the Maine House and Maine State Senate swearing in members at 10 am. The 131st Maine Legislature will serve in 2023 and 2024.

CCL Maine will strive to have a daily presence at the State House throughout the 2023 Legislative session. We have many ways to inform you of daily events, legislation, and when you need to get involved. Contact Policy Director Mike McClellan at 329-6148 or to learn how you might get involved, be it through prayer or by becoming one of our Rapid Responders!

This new legislature has formulated "bill" ideas as 2023 moves forward. Bills are being written and entered into the legislative calendar, committees are taking them on for initial action before being sent to the House and State Senate. You can return to this page often for updates on bills we are following and what stage of the legislative process the bill is in. You can learn when we need you to jump in right here.

The Maine Legislature has several YouTube channels where you can find past meetings. Click here to get to those channels. They broadcast live on their YouTube channel. For 2023, committee schedules can be found on the Legislature’s Website

Maine has a citizen legislature that is meant to allow you access. We urge you to get involved through prayer, participation, or even running for a local office. 

Stay informed! Check back here periodically for new posts. Visit our Facebook and Twitter accounts to view real-time information. 

CCL Maine hosts candidate trainings and volunteer training events to help people learn more about local and statewide elected offices. We expect to offer more events in 2023. 

As always, please pray for our Governor, legislators, their staff, and families.

Upcoming Bills

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