'Waradjuri Man'

Bill Murray is extremely proud of his aboriginal heritage and is firmly entrenched in issues pertaining to his people, through his responsibilities as an elder of the Wiradjuri.
Bill was born in Sydney though his Mother came from the Ngemba tribe near Brewarrina in Western NSW and his Father came from Warengsta mission, on the Murrumbidgee River, near Narrandera. His Father was a Wiradjuri, making Bill a Wiradjuri man.
Bill has resided in the township of Cowra all his life maintaining a close association with the people who live on the local aboriginal land, the 32 acres at Erambie.
Bill has been motivated through the years to be involved in many movements, including the children's services, since 1980’s, dutifully guiding his people as one of their respected elders.
I have been blessed to have a great affinity with, and respect for, aboriginal people and their culture, all over the lands, since my early career years touring outback Australia. It is an honour to be associated with, and to have spent personal time with, such a beautiful soul and gentleman, as Bill Murray. I trust our paths may continue to cross.
Shaza Leigh ButlerLBS Music Group
It was good to have Bill Murray back in our studio after a period of about 25 years.
Bill was one of the very first artists to record in my first studio; a little fibro shed in the backyard at Kootingal. Some of his songs on that first album still get airplay around the country today.
Bill is a fine writer and two of the songs on this album carry an important message. 'Save The World For Our Children' is a reflection of what's happening to the world today and 'The Rodeo Rider' is an interesting story about, one of our great country music legends, Brian Young.
It was wonderful to record with Bill again and I hope he continues to write his great songs and share them with Australia.
Lindsay Butler OAMProducer (LBS)
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