William Mitchell

I am a 32 year old software developer based in Ottawa, Canada and have worked on numerous technologies and products, including:

  • Web UI Development using pure JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Angular, CSS and SCSS
  • Web Development using Microsoft WebForms, ASP, ASP.NET, MVC, and PHP
  • Desktop Development using Microsoft Visual Basic, C# and Java
  • Mobile Development using Java (NetBeans and Android Studio) for Android, Objective-C for iOS and Apache Cordova
  • Embedded Development using C and the Arduino IDE and ASM for PIC microprocessors

I started my career writing scripts in VBA to do automation using COM objects. I then moved to a software company for custom development using primarily VB6 and CodeBase / FoxPro RDBMS.

After this I started with one of the big banks in South Africa doing Oracle (then Siebel) CRM development for a number of years, specializing in Actuate Reports and later in Oracle BI Publisher. My secondary specialization was EAI and integration into and from the CRM application.

A number of years later I moved to a new team to do custom development for the bank to build a new sales application using C# and AngularJS. This was a project started "from the ground up" and was built using software development best practices including SOLID principles and the repository pattern.

At the moment I'm working in Canada as a software developer for a company building compliance software.