Bill's Airplanes

Bill had been intrigued with airplanes all through his childhood and youth. He built countless balsa wood model airplanes and dreamed of piloting these aircraft. During WWII he knew all the different airplanes. So when he was destined to go into the Air Force it was natural that he would put becoming a pilot his number one priority. During his senior year at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa he and others went to Offut AFB near Omaha, Nebraska and took the flight physical. He passed it and looked forward with anticipation to learning how to fly.

He went through basic flying training at Columbus AFB, Mississippi flying a T-6 and then to Vance AFB near Enid Oklahoma for multi engine advanced. There he flew T-6's and B- 25's. He graduated number 2 in his class in December 1952 and was ready for a flying career.

During my 23 year Air Force career I flew a number of different airplanes, all of them twin engine with reciprocating engines.

  1. I learned to fly at Columbus AFB, Mississippi in a T-6 Texan. The first picture is a T-6 at Columbus AFB, Mississipi. It's me in the back seat and my instruction in the front. The second picture is of a Navy SNJ, the same airplane, different designation
  2. Advanced pilot traning was at Vance AFB, Enid Oklahoma. Flew awhile in a T-6, then flew a B-25, a nice flying forgiving airplane.
  3. The next picture is also a B-25
  4. Took training in C-119 at Greenville AFB, North Carolina, then to Japan during the Korean war. I was stationed at Ashiya AFB, Japan. When I returned to the States we were stationed at Sewart AFB, just south of Nashville, Tennesse.
  5. A picture of me flying between Japan and Korea
  6. A picture of me standing in front of my C-119 at a base in Korea
  7. At Sewart AFB our Wing transitioned to C-123's and the other Wing went to C-130's. I became an Instructor Pilot at Sewart.
  8. I left Sewart and went to the Air Force Institute of Technology and mostly flew T-11's and C-45's
  9. This supposedly is a T-11. It's hard to tell the difference between a C-45 and a T-11
  10. At the European Office of Aerospace Research we had a C-47 assigned to our office and we used it as our private airline. I was a Instructor Pilot and a Flight Examiner at EOAR.
  11. In Vietnam I was stationed at Vung Tau on the coast of Vietnam and flew the C-7 Caribou. Again I was an IP and Flight Examiner.
  12. The last airplanes I flew were T-29's and C-131's - essentially the same airplane.

A T-6 at Columbus AFB, Mississippi. Bill in the back seat, his instruction in the front.

I flew the B-25 in advanced flight training at Vance AFB, Enid, Oklahoma