We strongly believe

a public movement to facilitate better biking etiquette

for both drivers and cyclists

would be a good place for Yangon

to start improving bike safety within its urban limits.

How we get here

Yangon is quite notorious for ever worsening traffic. We do believe that utility cycling with the systematic legislation and infra would be the way to lessen the traffic. We would like to promote the public image of cycling as the way of healthy and smart transportation style for the society and environment. University students are our targets to advocate about utility cycling. Consider to make consistent and sustainable movement, we decide to stand as social enterprise.

As our first move, we requested to launch Bike Sharing Scheme(BSS) in Yangon University, but the authority didn't give permission. Then, we ask permission at Myanmar Maritime University and we got it. So, we are going to launch BSS at the campus of MMU in coming December. And we are also on the process to get permission to launch BSS on Dagon University.

We do hope and believe that Bike Sharing Schemes would be the beginning of the journey of Biking revolution in Yangon.

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Bike Shop Data Mapping

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