Community volunteers working

together to make sure

no kid is hungry at school

This year we invited YOU to join us to BIKE FOR BREAKFAST!
On June 12, 2022
we had people biking 40km, 80km and 160km. We also met down at Inland Steel Products and enjoyed a day raising money to feed kids. We will be accepting donations for this specific year until September 1, 2022 and we are proud to share that we have exceeded our $100,000 goal!
Remember though, you can donate YEAR ROUND. Any money raised after September 1 will go to next years' goal.

That said... Why stop there? The kids needs us and the work continues throughout the year. We are grateful to our bikers, donors, supporters and friends of Bike for Breakfast. How can you help? Check out our register/donate page.

You can donate YEAR ROUND to Bike for Breakfast and help us with our mission of feeding kids in schools.

Stay tuned for our NEXT complete calendar of events in 2023 and remember we always have something on the go with Bike and Breakfast! Have an idea for us? Let one of our team members know!

We invite you to learn more about the team bringing you BIKE FOR BREAKFAST.