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Big Wings Kennel is founded on the principle to provide high quality versatile hunting dogs for hunters and is proud to offer Cesky Fousek puppies to fellow hunters in North America. The Cesky Fousek comes from the Czech Republic and is very rare in the United States. We have sold puppies to hunters from the states of Washington, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, Tennessee, New York, Maine, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Readers of Gun Dog Magazine saw our one year old Cesky Fousek puppy, Ace, on the cover of the August 2015 edition.

About Us

In late 2009, we became friends with the Cesky Fousek Breed Warden, Dr. Jaromir Dostal, while he was on tour in the US. We accepted his invitation to visit the Czech Republic in 2010 where we attended an invitational two-day dog trial (Dr. Dostal was head field trial judge) with Cesky Fouseks from all over Europe. We returned to the US with two wonderful puppies, Bea and Princ, that were hand-picked by our friend, the late Dr. Jaromir Dostal to start our kennel. Bea and Princ are now retired from breeding but they are still very active in hunting with us. Our current breeding pair is Darcy and Bax. Darcy is the offspring of Bea and Princ. Bax was selected by Dr. Dostal's son, Pavel, and the current Cesky Fousek breed warden and shipped to us as a puppy.

We now live on our 275 acre home farm in southwest Indiana after moving from the great pheasant-hunting state of Iowa. We train our dogs on our woodlands, managed bird-hunting fields, and ponds. We have quail, pheasant , and ducks for dog training and puppy exposure. We hunt wild quail and waterfowl in Indiana, pheasants in Iowa, and ruffed grouse and woodcock in Minnesota. Our puppies are swimming in our pond by 8 weeks of age (see video).

Cesky Fousek

Cesky Fousek means a dog from the Czech Republic with a beard. The Fousek is a versatile pointing and retrieving hunting dog that will eagerly hunt game of fur and feather. They will hunt upland birds, waterfowl, and rabbits and track wounded deer. They are also excellent hunting partners for falconers.

The Fousek is accurately described by Craig Koshik in his well-written book, Pointing Dogs Vol One: The Continentals. Craig Koshyk provides an exhaustive and authoratative review of all the versatile breeds of Europe. He ranks the Cesky Fousek a 10 out of 10 for hunting, water work, and companionship.

Fousek males average 70 pounds and stand 24 inches at the shoulders. The Fousek female is smaller. The females average 50 pounds and stand 22 inches at the shoulders. The Fousek has 2 fur colors. The dominant fur color is roan with liver ticking with plates. The recessive fur color is brown. They have an excellent tempermant and are very well-suited companions in the house.


Our litter this year was whelped April 12, 2019. There are 6 puppies, 4 females and 2 males. We have only one litter of puppies each year and take great care to raise and provide human socialization and game exposure to our puppies. Our litter is hand-reared in the living room of our home for the early weeks before weening to give our puppies maximum human interaction and affection. We love this time with them. As they mature, the puppies are weened and moved to our climate-controlled kennel to have interaction with our other dogs. They spend a lot of time outside growing and exploring. Our puppies have plenty of land to explore including a pond for swimming. Typically our puppies are swimming (see video) before they leave us. You can be confident in choosing a reliable, naturally obedient, family-friendly, versatile hunting puppy from our litter.

We provide your puppy with 2 sets of vaccinations, deworning, NAVHDA registration, micro chip, and tick protection. We care for your puppy just like our own dogs. Puppies leave at 10 weeks but we can be flexible on pick up times.

Be part of the tradition. All new owners are included as members in our Cesky Fousek Club of America.®

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