Big Wave Drops are all natural ear drops designed to fight Surfer's Ear, stop ear pain, and reduce inflammation.

For healthy ears use daily.

(Great for your dog too!)

Designed to fight pathogens which cause ear infections and pain associated with water/wind exposure. Use after surfing, diving, sailing, swimming, bike riding, after wind exposure, flying, headaches, or anytime your ears feel uncomfortable.

Dr (Jomo) Hardeman, Au.D. created an ear drop for surfers designed to battle chronic ear infections, super annoying ear itchiness, aches, and trapped water. Big Wave Drops are formulated to battle the causes of surfer's ear and help soothe ear pain, dry trapped water, and kill unwanted microbes.

"I love BigWaveDrops ! They provide instant relief from ear pain and water stuck in my ear. I do not miss having chronic ear infections and I believe BigWave Drops are to thank! Whether the waves are big or small, I use them everyday. " ---EMMA Smith JBay Royal