BigWave Drops

for your EARS

Designed to Soothe Dry Heal. And Combat Ear Pain

Created by:

Joseph Hardeman, Au.D.

Big Wave Bianca Valenti


BigWave Drops are homeopathic ear drops that soothe, dry and heal. BigWave Drops for your ears combat “surfer’s ear” a.k.a. exostosis. Daily use encourages the perfect environment for a healthy ear. The topical liquid drop reduces inflammation and combat ear infections caused by dirty water.


Surfer's Ear aka Exostosis causes bone to grow in the ear canal eventually blocking the eardrum and demanding an awful surgery to remove the excess growth. Exostosis is a pathology that dedicated water enthusiasts face due to repeated exposure to cold water and wind. Cooling of the ear canal stimulates bone growth that narrows the canal and blocks the eardrum. This narrowing traps water and earwax in the canal, often resulting in painful ear infections and hearing loss. Basically it's your ear's attempt at protecting itself against harsh conditions.


Earplugs and hooded wetsuits offer minimal protection. Once affected by the disease, the only treatment is an invasive surgery. Neither of these solutions addresses the cause of exostosis.

THIS IS WHY WE CREATED BigWave Drops for your ears!

To stop ear infections and reduce out-of-control body responses, we created an organic homeopathic ear drop. Our proprietary bio-activated formula created by our Chief of Science Dr. Joesph Hardeman A.U.D. !!! He is very very smart and also an amazing BigWave surfer. The drop enhances the body’s defense system, reverses the genetic signaling of exostosis formation and simulates a healthy ear canal.