Our Vision

Our Vision

All students are empowered with knowledge about the human condition to address the problems they care most about.

Our Mission

To connect the human sciences to education for sustainable development through curriculum development and international teacher training collaborations.

Big Red Earth supports a human-sciences driven approach to Education for Sustainable Development. After all, sustainable development at its core entails the effective collaboration and decision making among and across diverse stakeholder groups towards shared goals and values. The human-related fields such as psychology and evolutionary anthropology have in the last decades delivered a wealth of insights into the nature of human thought and behavior, including the dynamics of cooperation and collective learning that characterize the human species and have brought us to where we are today. These insights are however, not currently a central feature of curriculum development within Education for Sustainable Development.‚Äč

Our mission is thus to advance the narratives of human cooperation, social-emotional reasoning and collective learning within Education for Sustainable Development into university and school curricula through cross-cultural and cross-sector collaboration between partners in Germany, Madagascar and the US.