7 secret features on Instagram about using jailbreak

Today will teach you include developer mode and its advanced features.

The official client developers a number of hidden features added Assad in a recent program updates. Most likely, such options will gradually appear in future apdejtah after successful testing.

All owners of jailbroken devices can now take advantage of hidden features and options. To do this, you must do the following:

  • Verify that the application is installed on the device; Instagram
  • go to Cydia and wait for the update of the list of tweaks;
  • on the Search tab, find the extension IGExperiments;
  • install tweek and make respring your device.

Addition is absolutely free and is distributed in the standard repository BigBoss.

After downloading the client appears Instagram tweek special icon to enable or disable additional functionality. In each section, you can enable the option or reset the value settings. For the changes to take effect, you must restart the application (complete from the ambiguity and restart).

We found these interesting possibilities:

1. Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication

Activate the Two Factor and get the same option in the settings (after restarting the application). Now to log in, you will need to enter the password from Instagram SMS sent to the number of the account holder.

2. Company profile

This option is enabled after you install originally tweek. If for some reason this section does not appear in settings, turn on the option Business Profile. The new mode allows you to create the official account in Instagram for his own company and associate it with a page on Facebook.

3. Moderation of comments

Option to automatically delete comments that contain the specified word or phrase. Unfortunately, besides the filter entry fields to switch yet, most likely, that will come later.

4. Deleting an post after 1 hour

Deleting an Instagram post after 1 hour

This option can be useful for contests, sweepstakes or announcement of certain events. Data that lose relevance could be automatically erased from the tape. The inclusion of configuration meets the option Expiring Posts.

5. How to change the maximum length of a roller (useful for subscribers and statistics)

Video parameter Max Duration will enable or disable the ability to load 60-second video. This option is very useful for instagram statistics rise, here more detail about stats.

6. Privacy settings

With the function of App Group Testing the user will be able to change the visibility of their publications. Access can be restricted to specific users.

7. Download photos in hi-res

Upload photos in high resolution on Instagram

In the section of High Resolution Uploads you can select one of five options for the resolution of the uploaded image.

Among other features are present:

  • integration with OnePassword;
  • modified with the search;
  • Add text over the video;
  • additional statistics for your account and messages;
  • vvneshnego changes the type of the application's main page;
  • other minor changes to the design and usability of the application.

As you can see, developers Instagram seriously intend to shortly empower official iOS client. A large part of the improvements can be attributed to a cosmetic change, but among a large number of parameters in a hidden menu has a number of useful and desired settings.