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Welcome. Bigfoot Go Riding is a website that provides information on rides arranged by the Bigfoot Cycle Club and supported by the Bigfoot Youth Cycle Club – both based in Hayes, Kent. All these rides are friendly, supportive, open to the public and are led by the club’s cyclists. Interested? Click on 'B2B Info' and 'Family Ride Info' in the main menu to find out more.

The Data Privacy Notice of Bigfoot CC can be found here and a supplementary Notice for the Bigfoot to Brighton and Family Rides can be found here.



The final big ride to Brighton is on Saturday 4th May. The route is not the usual route - below is a link to the route, the feed stations en-route are at the Red Barn, Blindley Heath, RH7 6LL and the Victory Inn, Staplefield, RH17 6EU

Full details are published on this website. Click on 'B2B Info' in the main menu for full details. You can see past photos by selecting the 'Photos' in the menu.

Having read the details and if you want to join us; please register every rider young and old here, then come along and ride! (so long as you are sure you can ride the distance)


The next Family ride is Sunday 5th May, a short ride suitable for young people, adults and children – in fact anyone who fancies a nice easy ride, no hurry, enjoying cycling and scenery - and it's free! We will see sheep….. and chickens, goats, cows, pigs, alpacas, rabbits etc etc. The ride will be partly off road and partly on road (mainly quiet lanes), about 11 miles with a stop at Christmas Tree Farm in Downe to see the animals. There is also an ‘easy-peasy’ option – about a 5 mile round trip. Full details are here

Please go to the 'Family Ride Info' section of the menu to find out a little more and in that section there is a contact form, through which you could ask to receive future ride notifications