Tutoring Services

Big Apple Social Studies strives to provide the highest quality tutoring services for all students of social studies classes in the New York metropolitan area. Big Apple Social Studies specifically serves the Nassau and Western Suffolk County areas of New York with highly effective and individualized tutoring on all Global and United States History topics. Tutoring is also available for Government and Economics at the 12th grade level. Tutoring services include the following, but are not limited to:

    • Additional Course Instruction
    • Essay Writing (Enduring Issues, Thematic, & DBQ)
    • Advanced Placement Exam Prep for World History & United States History
    • NYS Regents Prep for Global History & United States History

Individualized Approach

As a teacher, I strive to provide an individualized learning environment for all of my students each, and everyday. This commitment to developing an individualized approach to instruction and learning is also embodied through the tutoring services offered. Tutoring is completely personalized as I will come to you, on an agreed upon schedule, and at your location of choice to foster the greatest potential for the construction of learning.

Group Focused Tutoring

Most students will learn more from their peers than they ever will learn from a teacher or tutor. Therefore, I also offer tutoring in a group forum learning environment to encourage peer-to-peer engagement in constructing one's learning and mastery of a topic. Group focused tutoring is capped at a 4:1 student to teacher/tutor ratio to encourage optimal attention and focus to the learning of each individual. For more information regarding group focused tutoring, please contact me at bigapplesocialstudies@gmail.com.

Digital Tutoring

NEW OFFERING!!! As technology has further developed, so to have new opportunities for tutoring services. Big Apple Social Studies is proud to now offer tutoring through the Google Hangout service. While in-person individualized tutoring cannot be replaced, digital tutoring is a great way to meet student/client needs in a pinch, when scheduling conflicts emerge, and/or if inclement weather prohibits an in-person scheduled tutoring session to occur.

Tutoring Services Available

Global History/AP World History

9th & 10th Grade

United States History/AP United States History

11th Grade

Participation in Government

12th Grade


12th Grade

To inquire about and schedule tutoring services, please fill out the linked form, or email me at bigapplesocialstudies@gmail.com.