About Me

Welcome to Big Apple Social Studies! My name is Sean Lazarus, and this venture has grown from a middling blog to serving three separate purposes in the arena of education. I decided to branch out beyond blogging about curriculum and current events in education to provide my own authored curriculum, tutoring services to the Nassau and Suffolk County areas on Long Island, and coaching services to education professionals throughout the region.

Currently, I teach social studies at a high school in the Borough of Manhattan in New York City. I have five plus years of experience as a teacher, and 10+ years experience in PK-16 at an academic or administrator capacity. In addition, I hold a Bachelors in Secondary Education, Masters in Higher and Post Secondary Education Administration, and recently earned a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Innovation from Arizona State University. Go Devils!

Please check out all that I have to offer, and do not hesitate to contact me. For any and all inquiries, please email me at bigapplesocialstudies@gmail.com.