4Performance or AudiophilePC

is always available at individual order

Audiophile Music Server

Enjoy your record collection without hassle and with the best sound. Connect with good cables and our BenOx adapter to your audio system and listen to music from your CD and vinyl records retained on your hard drive. Copy freely from Audiophile PC to iPod. New opportunities for digital radio DAB+

Brodcasted Music Reciver

Internet receiver with AIMP free software @ Windows with WASAPI for you Hi-Fi equipment and new opportunities with BBC Sound HD or OPUS (audio coding format)

Bar PA Music Server

for professionals and pleasant music for their guests

DJ PA Music Server

for a new generation of Disc Jockeys. Play your collection with the best quality from the hard disk


Your BienSound PC with our BenOx adapter

can be elegant like the B&O sound system from Denmark

and drive as safely as the ReVox tape recorder from Switzerland

At the AmberExpo stand, we presented BienSound with 3 different Gigabyte motherboards in a transparent and wooden desktop housing, and without. Active Motional Feedback speakers were hidden under the textile cover.

Analog technology is good for optimal music reproduction - digital for recordings

This led to the BienSound PC project in the music city of Sopot, on the southern Baltic coast. The right choice and quality of the components allows us to use technologies developed in Scandinavia for professional audio-video equipment. The inspiration for the creation of BienSound PC came from Sopot and Stockholm, with the computer processing of various types of demos for musicians, where we found that "analogue cut" PC is necessary for crystal-clear digital recording.

The public premiere of BienSound PC took place in connection with the presentation at Let's Art Cafe, which was part of the National Gallery of Art in Sopot.

Public listening tests with a simple laptop in the Broadcasted Music Receiver setup were made in the spa house, in panorama café with stunning views that blended perfectly with the music of the world

and in summer with the PA system and BienSound PC configured for DAB + tuner, to ensure relaxation in sun loungers outside the Sierakowski Manor House

We work closely with a local computer store