IJCNN 2020

Cross-disciplinary & Applications Sessions on

Biologically Inspired Cognitive Robotics

19 - 24th July, 2020, Glasgow (UK)

The study on the biologically-inspired, cognition, and self of robots has a long history. Nowadays, we can use various types of human-friendly robots in daily life.

This means a robot should have human-like intelligence and cognitive capabilities to coexist with people. The concepts of adaptation, learning, and cognitive development should be introduced much more in the next generation of robotics from the theoretical point of view.

The fuzzy, neural, and evolutionary computation plays an important role to realize the cognitive development of robots from a methodological point of view. Furthermore, the synthesis of information technology, network technology, and robot technology may bring brand-new emerging intelligence to robots from a technical point of view. The structurization of information and knowledge is a key topic to support the cognitive development of robots.

This special session focuses on the biologically-inspired of cognitive robots emerging from the adaptation, learning, and cognitive development through interaction with people and dynamic environments from the conceptual, theoretical, methodological, and/or technical points of view.

This session is a special session of Cross-disciplinary & Applications Sessions for IJCNN 2020 in WCCI 2020. For further information, please, refer to the webpage of the conference.

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