Share It

A tool to help a community share books and more !

How does it work

  • Members Register with their email
  • Each member get access to a sheet where they manage their personal library
  • Members can search for a book, see its current availability status and request the owner for the same.
  • Owner receives an email from system with requester's email and can correspond directly with requester to organize book pickup/delivery.
  • Once a book is lent the member can update the status of book to "Lent" in their library with an optional return by date.
  • The borrower of the book get an email reminder to return the book 3 days before it is due.


  • Easy to use interface to manage personal library
  • Customized alerts
  • Could also be integrated with existing library systems to show the status of books availability online.
  • Customized features can be implemented on demand.
  • Useful for Communities, Schools, libraries and informal groups.