Beauty Salon

This flow Can be customized for any Retail (Business 2 Consumer) business. It handles Billing, Staff and Customer management, measures KeyPerformanceIndicators's as desired by your management and can be integrated with Inventory and Custom Alerts

Billing Flow

  • Customer walks in
  • Manager takes his phone number or client enters the phone number in a connected device
  • Manager enters customers phone number and finds out if the customer is new or repeat, also if he is a member or not
  • Manager asks what service customer wants and assigns a staff to him who if available takes over or asks the customer to have a seat and offer refreshments while he waits
  • Manager enters the service and staff name and press next button to receive next customer
  • When customer returns he checks from staff the details of services done and finds his job card previously saved
  • Manager enters all details of services taken , assigns corresponding staff, enters promotion if any and bills the customer
  • Customer pays and manager presses save to complete the entry
  • Software send a confirmation to client with payment details and feedback form link over SMS
  • After pre-configured number of days customer receives a reminder of a repeat service over SMS.
  • On Birthday and Anniversary client gets a special offer over SMS

Membership flow

  • Customer walks in and agrees to buy membership
  • Manager creates a new job card and enters the membership purchase package
  • Manager asks the cleint to fill up a form and enters the corresponding job card number in the form
  • Takes payment from client and closes the job card
  • Software sends SMS to client informing him about the validity dates of membership
  • Software reminds client to renew membership X days before the expiry
  • Software flashes message to manager to remind customer to renew his membership X days before expiry during client visits

Other Features

  • Staff can calculate their incentive amounts basd on a configured ratio of the value of service they provided
  • Staff can book salon expenses using the tool
  • Staff can book cash out to owners
  • Software shows Cash in Hand at any point
  • Dashboard capable of showing

1. Revenue excluding GST for each location

2. Total expenses

3. Total Cash out to owners

4. Cash In Hand

5. Cash Incentives given

6. Total Number of Customers this month

7. Repeat customers


9. Count of each service done over a period of time