The Poldo & Ninja

Now the more I talk about Poldo the less there is to say, for Poldo is a phenomenon best experienced in its entirety, without any supervision or interference.

​Poldo was adopted, when he was roughly 1 year old, from a shelter in Modena in August 2016. He has been with us since.

We think he is mix between german shepherd, collie and golden retriever. That makes him very independent and extremely clever. He is a darling, loves cuddles, and would love to put up a little show for you as he is a crowd pleaser and knows many tricks.​

We say 'The Poldo' as Poldo is a common name for street-dogs in Italy that have no name/owner, just like we say 'Tommy' in India.

His Instagram channel is @poldoischill.

This naughty little thing arrived home in February 2021 when she was 10 months old. She was born special with a cerebral condition that makes her dance more (her hind leg coordination isn't the best) than she can walk. An avid lover of mornings, Ninja is an explosion of energy in the house. She accepted Poldo on day 1 as her pack, and looks to him for safety, fun, and guidance. We are already tired of her destroying anything and everything left within a 1m radius of her, including Poldo's face.