Boston Graduate Math Colloquium

This is a joint collaboration between graduate students and PhD candidates in Boston who happen to know each other. The aim is to provide a venue for grad students at all levels to give math talks accessible to a general audience, and meet fellow researchers who are right down the street or across the river. BU, Northeastern, BC, and Harvard will host four events throughout the academic year. Each Saturday will consist of 4-5 speakers discussing their research.

Date & Location

Date: Sat. 10/13

Location: Room 148 in MCS. 111 Cummington Mall, Boston, MA 02215.


Please use this so we can order enough food!


10-10:30: Coffee and Breakfast

10:30-11: Jim LaDeuce (BU) - A Quick Introduction to Gauge Theory

11-12 : Mikhail Mironov (NEU) - Exceptional objects and exceptional collections in derived categories

12-1 : Lunch

1-2 : Eric Cooper (BU) - Selection of quasi-stationary states in 2d Stochastic Navier-Stokes on the symmetric and asymmetric torus

2-2:30: Anthea Chung (BU) - TBD

2:30-3: Afternoon Coffee/Tea

3-4: Clayton McDonald (BC) - (Tentative) Knot Theory in 3 and 4 dimensions

Speakers, Titles, and Abstracts

Jim LaDeuce, Boston University


Mikhail Mironov, Northeastern University


Eric Cooper, Boston University

Selection of quasi-stationary states in 2d Stochastic Navier-Stokes on the symmetric and asymmetric torus

Abstract: Recent numerical studies have revealed certain families of functions play a crucial role in the long time behavior of 2D Navier-Stokes with periodic boundary conditions. These functions, called bar and dipole states, exist as quasi-stationary solutions and attract trajectories of all other initial conditions exponentially fast. If the domain is the symmetric torus, then the dipole states dominate, while on the asymmetric torus the bar states dominate. Using the vorticity equation, we will formulate a mathematical framework to explain the evolution of solutions toward these metastable states in both a deterministic and stochastic setting.

Anthea Chung, Boston University


Clayton McDonald, Boston College


Past Colloquiua

Boston University, Oct 21 2017. Speakers: Brian Hepler, Spencer Leslie, Jackson Walters, Yusheng Luo.

Northeastern University, Dec 2 2017. Speakers: Angus McAndrew, Eric Chang, Maria Fox, Emre Sen.

Boston College, Feb 10 2018. Speakers: Brian Choi, Roderic Guigo, Rahul Singh, Ben Thompson, Shucheng Yu

Harvard University, Apr 28 2018. Speakers: Siddhi Krishna, Jessica Nadalin, Monika Pickler, Elizabeth Upton, Ying Zhang