Before teachers begin integration, they need to have SaplingPlus or LaunchPad course(s) in their own account so that they will be able to assign resources and assessments accordingly, in their own courses. With SaplingPlus, those courses are created for teachers and given out to teachers by our Sapling team. With LaunchPad, teachers create their own courses. Please reach out to your system/district administrator to retrieve the access code needed for Launchpad.

This is outlined in Step 1 of each guide: "Preparing your course for Canvas integration" as shown below with videos and articles.

Step 2 is for teachers to "enable the Macmillan app" in Canvas once they are ready to begin integration.

Step 3 is for teachers to "link their Sapling/LaunchPad course with Canvas."

Step 4 is optional: If teachers want to enable the integration for grade sync by deploying their assignments into Canvas, they should follow those instructions. See below for our user guide. Our user guide also has screenshot instructions and videos throughout the articles, where helpful:

Canvas & Sapling Integration Guide

The full user guide breaks it down by steps and include the below videos :

Canvas & LaunchPad Integration Guide

The full user guide breaks it down by steps and include the below videos :

Once teachers set up the integration, students will log into Canvas, click on BFW/Macmillan's app to access Sapling or LaunchPad. This operation will prompt students to self-register into your respective Sapling or LaunchPad course(s) with their first name, last name, and email address. This is a Single Sign-On process, so the subsequent times students access SaplingPlus or LaunchPad in Canvas they will not be prompted for credentials ever again. With SaplingPlus, students do not need an access code so the access roster them right into the course. With LaunchPad, during self-registration, students will need an access code that would have been provided to you with your purchase.