Nick Greer

Firm: Collaborative Law Corporation

Profession: Lawyer

Phone: 250-824-1255

Website: ;


Address: 401-17 Church Street, Nanaimo BC V9R 5H5

Primary Practice Location: Nanaimo




Fee Arrangements:

· Hourly rate

· Discounted hourly rate

· Flat fee

· Flat fee with conditions

Remote Services:

· Phone

· Email

· Skype

Languages: English

Types of Unbundled Services Offered:

  • Initial consultation
  • Providing a legal opinion
  • Drafting pleadings or other documents
  • Reviewing/organizing/listing documents
  • Drafting contracts / agreements
  • Coaching
  • Negotiating
  • Providing legal advice before, during or after mediation
  • Representing a client at mediation
  • Providing independent legal advice on an agreement or MOU coming out of mediation
  • Drafting agreement coming out of mediation
  • Advising on courtroom procedures, behaviours
  • Advising on rules of evidence
  • Preparing exhibits
  • Preparing submissions or briefs
  • Making a one-time court appearance
  • Collaborative law services

Approach to Providing Unbundled Legal Services:

We are based in Nanaimo, BC and offer a free first interview to discuss your legal or dispute concern.

At our first interview, we will offer general advice and give you a written quote for any additional steps you want us to take.

We are often able to provide a fixed fee quote.

We offer ‘unbundled’ assistance with litigation so that legal costs are clear and fixed, involving preparation of court documents and litigation advice.

To reduce costs on parties, we prefer an approach that sees parties attend at court on a self-represented but carefully advised basis. We are not listed on the court record, we do not communicate with the other side, and we do not attend court. This reduces costs significantly for clients, while we can offer advice and support along the way and assist with more technical aspects of the case.

Mediation: I have family mediation training and practice as counsel and as a mediator in family mediation. I have acted as counsel in more than 30 mediations in the last 5 years. I have conducted more than 30 family mediations as mediator in the last 5 years.

Approach to Supporting Clients in Mediation:

We are accredited to perform family and civil mediation in the Nanaimo and surrounding areas, and can either conduct or advise you during the mediation process.

Call us for a free first interview, at which stage we will provide a written cost estimate for any further work.

Cultural Diversity Experience:

I have acted in numerous mediations and legal matters involving clients with diverse cultural backgrounds.