Vendor Badges


We require all members of the BFOA to have ongoing compliance with the Jessica Lunsford background check requirements. In order to achieve that goal we require all members to take the necessary steps to undergo the background check process and acquire a current vendor ID badge. BFOA will not accept your registration without a current Background Check Vendor Badge being on file. Getting a background check vendor badge should be your FIRST STEP in the registration process.

Vendor badges Expire Every 5 Years if your badge has expired you must go through the process again and get a new badge. School board employees and police officers also need a vendor badge but may qualify for a reduced rate badge.

New Badges or Renewals - $88.00 (good for 5 years from the date of issue)

Effective July 1, 2015, the Broward County School Board has contracted with a new vendor to provide fingerprinting and badge issuing services, fingerprinting at the Kathleen Wright Building is no longer an option. Fieldprint Inc is now the approved background check provider. This process includes checking fingerprints for criminal activity in both local and national databases and issuing individuals a photo ID card. Anticipate a 2 week turnaround time. Fieldprint has multiple locations around the county that you can visit to get your fingerprints done. When making an appointment to get fingerprinted you can choose the most convenient location to you.

New members without a badge, and members whose fingerprints were taken more than 5 years ago must re-apply and undergo the fingerprinting process again. Follow these instructions:

1) Go to the Fieldprint Inc Website

2) Select Schedule an Appointment

3) Sign in as a New User

4) Select "I know my Fieldprint Code"

5) Enter the following appropriate CODES

You will need TWO codes


Then choose one of the following CODES:

FOR CONTEST OFFICIALS (most common code used) - FPBCPSContOffNet



16-00001 - is the department approval code that is common to every application


6) Enter your Personal Information

7) Answer the online Security Questionnaire

8) Schedule your fingerprinting Appointment

9) Make Payment

10) Print Confirmation to take to fingerprinting site.

Once available badges will be delivered at the next BFOA General Meeting