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NFHS offers an online course on Football Officiating thru July 1st.

THE 2020 Season Starts in August

Pre-season games are planned to start August 12-15th, 2020. Will you be ready to join us this year?

We welcome all individuals interested in officiating high school football, we encourage you to complete our form to:

Completing the form gets you on our radar so we can keep in contact, and let you know when meetings and training opportunities become available. The BEST time to get involved in football officiating is during the May - June timeframe prior to the upcoming season

It's Friday night, the players, coaches, and fans have been looking forward to this all week. Excitement is high, the band is playing, reporters, and college scouts are in the stands, kickoff is near ...

If you love football, have played, coached, or are just a fan, and have ever considered becoming an official here is your chance. Take The First Step, fill out our form to let us know you are interested and to get on our radar.

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Blue Skies

BFOA members at our Field Clinic on Saturday August 10th, 2019. About 100 of our members participated volunteering their services, working 7-man mechanics and practicing the new 40 second clock rule, during 6 sessions, involving 12 local teams in 93+ degree weather.

Special thanks to Cardinal Gibbons High School for hosting this event.

L-R Jeff Solomon, Terrance Butler, Sean Hernandez, James Canty, Jerry Lallo, Gaby Martinez, Amedeo Ibarra, Chris Cochran