2017 Meeting Notes

BFOA Board Meeting - 7/24/17

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Board members present: Phil Serfass, Joe McGrath, Anthony Smith, John Fusaro, Anthony Vento, Scott Singer

Rules Interpreter Tommy James, Commissioner Tye Sager, J.V. Commissioner James Canty

Excused: Tyrone Montgomery

Phil opened meeting with discussion on purchase of rule books that were addressed at last meeting. He said Bob McKinney and Steve Epstein were in contact with NFHS about purchase of books and they were advised that we should look at the rules by topic book because it also covers case book questions. We can buy at discount for $687.15. The board agreed to purchase and will have books to hand out to members at next meeting. Motion by membership to purchase books passed at last meeting. The estimate for payment from last meeting was $1,200.00.

Vote for the last 3 crew chiefs by the executive board were Teddy Brown, Bob Klemm and Ron Liebman. Congratulation to all crew chiefs and looking forward to an outstanding season.

Letter from Steve Epstein to board requesting that he be put last for the draft as he is returning this season as crew chief as he was out last year as a crew chief. Motion by Anthony Smith, second by John Fusaro to have Steve Epstein and Ron Liebman have a choose to pick first or last. The board voted and passed motion.

Joe McGrath had documentation from 2 officials transferring from other associations with letters of recommendations and experience. One was Brett Brecheisen which he will be working for the dolphins this season so he would not be available for a number of Friday night games. The other was Mark Gniewek from Michigan and he has not attended a meeting. Joe McGrath recommended Jim Gower to be put in draft this season as he is an outstanding officials and Joe stated that he worked a number of games with him over the past two years and feels he is varsity qualify. The board had discussion and voted to put Jim Gower in the draft this season.

Meeting adjourned: 6:50 pm

General Membership Meeting

Called to order: 7:05 pm

Phil opened meeting advised members that draft will start Aug 4, 2017 and to be eligible you must pay BFOA, registration copy with picture and FHSAA dues. If you pay BFOA dues after July 31 it is a $10.00 find. The books have been ordered and should be available for distribution at Aug 7 meeting. The book is rules by topic and the cost was $687.15.

The on-line test with FHSAA will start Aug 7 to Sept15,2017. The test is on arbiter. There is no time limit and you can start test and sign off if you do not finish and sign back on at a later date to complete. It is a 50-question test.

Scott Singer said if you plan on signing up for NASO insurance you must do before July 31 for discount.

Commissioner Tye Sanger advised members to pay dues to BFOA and FHSAA. Also, complete registration form with picture to be eligible. He said that if you are not drafted you will have games as he has a number of open games to fill every week.

Rules Interpreter Tommy James covered of number of signals and game situations. He addressed questions and answers.

Meeting adjourned: 8:20 pm

BFOA Board Meeting - 7/10/17

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Called to order: 6:05pm

Board members present: Phil Serfass, Joe McGrath, Anthony Smith, John Fusaro, Tyrone Montgomery, Anthony Vento, Rules Interpreter Tommy James, Commissioner Tye Sager, J.V. Commissioner Jim Canty

Excused: Scott Singer

Phil opened meeting with discussion that the FHSAA will not purchase rule books for this season. He stated that if are members just print the rule book it will be about 116 pages. The case book would be another 100 pages. The board had long discussion on the number of books to purchase rule books. For 125 books, the cost would be about $700.00 for rule books. The board voted to purchase books and percent to members for vote. John Fusaro asked if this is a year to year basis and the board agreed. Phil also said that members that have already purchased the books would be given a $10.00 credit for dues next season.

Commissioner Tye Sager also stated that we have to have a distribution point to hand out the books as he has had experienced officials that have received books and then asked for another book.

Tye also advised the board that by next meeting he would like to start the draft as soon as the board names crew chiefs for the remaining three positions.

The board had four members appear before board for interview for crew chief. They are: Steve Haft, Anthony Vento, Steve Torres and Robert Powell.

Meeting adjourned: 7:15pm

General Membership Meeting

Phil called meeting to order at 7PM as other board members were completing interview for crew chiefs.

He addressed the members of the board’s vote to recommend to purchase rule books and case books. A motion was made by Marvin Ayers and second by Ron Liebman to have decision on the purchase of books. After a lengthy discussion by members a motion to have vote was made by John Craven ,second by Bob McKinney to purchase books. Motion was passed. The vote was 72 yes and 14 no.

Rules Interpreter Tommy James covered the passing game rules and had breakdown session for 15 minutes.

Meeting adjourned; 8 PM

BFOA Board Meeting - 6/26/17

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Called to order: 6 pm

Board members present: Anthony Smith, Joe McGrath, John Fusaro, Tyrone Montgomery, Scott Singer

Rules Interpreter Tommy James, Commissioner Tye Sager, J.V. Commissioner James Canty

Excused; Anthony Vento, Phil Serfass will attend general meeting.

Anthony Smith opened meeting that we will have two interviews for crew chiefs and the remaining five at the next E-Board meeting July 10. The two are Bob Klemm and Teddy Brown. John Fusaro addressed the board that if we have time at this meeting we should interview the other members as the next meeting is July 10 and the draft starts July 17. The board agreed. Ron Liebman was the only other candidate at meeting so board did have interview with Ron. At next meeting, the board will have the last four and general meeting will start at 7:30pm.

The minutes from last meeting were read and approved with one change.

Scott Singer had report on pay pal account. For the last several years we have been able to register online and pay using pay pal account. It will transfer money from pay pal account to Wells Fargo account. He stated that he and Steve Haft have been working on the account to change authorized user account from Steve to Scott. It looks like pay pal are not going to change the authorized user, so Scott has opened a new user account so pay pal will release money to are Wells Fargo account. He did put new code on pay pal account so when you register you can pay online. Scott dose not known if Vince has up dated are Web site as date.

J. V. Commissioner James Canty addressed board that he would like to be on the alternates list of crew chiefs. The board approved James for alternates list.

Commissioner Tye Sager said that the full schedule is online and that a few Fridays during season he will need 19 t0 20 crews. He also stated that like to have crew chiefs by this end of next board meeting so he can start working in draft.

All three interviews were complete with Board members: Anthony Smith, Joe McGrath, John Fusaro, Tyrone Montgomery, Scott Singer.

Meeting adjourned: 6:55 pm

General Membership Meeting

Anthony Smith addressed members on appointments of crew chiefs. He advised all members that no crew chiefs have been removed. Anthony said the three crew chiefs from last year and four alternates will have interviews with the board. Three had interviews and the last four are scheduled for July 10.

Bill Hanlon and Vince Mundo showed video on Blindside Block. The definition of a blindside block established by the committee is block against an opponent other than the runner, who does not see the blocker approaching and now results in a 15 yard penalty. The committee stated that the blindside block involves contact by a blocker against an opponent who, because of physical positing and focus of concentration, is vulnerable to injury. Unless initiated with open hands, it is a foul for excessive and unnecessary contact when the block is forceful and outside of the free-blocking zone.

Commissioner Tye Sager said the full schedule is on line and a number of weeks he will need 19 to 20 crews. One date he stated is Sept 8,2017 as he will need 20 crews. Tye said the varsity draft will start the third week in July.

Rules Interpreter Tommy James covered signals and will have a break down session for 15 minutes . He said one new signal for this season is blindside block. It is closed fist touching in front of chest.

Meeting adjourned: 8:25 pm

BFOA Board Meeting - 6/12/17

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Called to order: 6 pm

Board members present: Phil Serfass, Joe McGrath,Scott Singer, John Fusaro, Tyrone Montgomery, Anthony Vento, Anthony Smith, Rules Interpreter Tommy James. Commissioner Tye Sager

Phil stated that we have some questions from members on money we have on hand and registrations. At one of our first meeting we had discussion to project the spending during season and what will have in the account at end of season. Phil asked Scott to have a budget projection for the season. He said one major expense is are web site as we do not know how much longer it will work.

The minutes from last meeting were discussed with one correction. The increase was $3.00 not $2.00 as read in last month minutes. New fee will be Varsity $80.00 and Jr. Varsity $66.00. Motion to except minutes by Anthony Smith. Second by Anthony Vento. Said motion passed.

Phil asked all advisory committee chairperson to pick members by next meeting. They may be 3 or 5 members.

John asked about evaluations and forms we use. Phil stated that the form is are web site and all evaluators should use that form. He also said that the use of the evaluations is long term as we have not had a number of evaluations over the pass few years and ideally, they would be put in a data pool for future use.

Phil asked Tye for the number of crews we will need for season and he said 18. Phil also asked Tye for a ballot to vote to retain, remove or council. The list to vote on had 18 plus 4 alternates. Phil said this is the same as last year and sense we do not have anything elaborate we should use the same system. The board agreed and also to 18 crew chiefs After further discussion motion by Anthony Vento, second by John Fusaro that you will need 5 votes to be retained or come before the board for interview if you do not receive 5 votes. Said motion passed. The board did vote and 15 were retained .The three plus the four alternates will come before the board at next meeting June 26 or July 10 meeting as to availability.

Meeting adjourned: 6:50 pm


Called to order: 7 pm

Phil opened meeting informing members that the spring football when well except for one concern. We had a crew go to the wrong field. Please crew chief check with crew and school for location of game. Also we had a number of new officials at games to observe.

Commissioner Tye Sager addressed members on scheduling and upcoming season. He stated again that give backs will be assigned at general membership meetings so it is important to attend meetings if you want games.

Fred from Purchase Officials left some business cards for his location of store. Please call first as he is the only one at store. His location is 642 NE 40 court, Oakland Park , 33334. Phone 954-990-5806. If you want to buy a shirt you still must buy from Honig s as they have the logo. Also, Gerry Davis has logo.

Roy Getzoff will have hats and BFOA shirts. The hats last year were $10.00. His email is roy@cynsational.biz

Vince Mundo addressed blindside block with video from HUDL. He said the committee stated that the blindside block involves contact by a blocker against an opponent who, because of physical positioning and focus of concentration, is vulnerable to injury, unless initiated with open hands.

Phil address the members about appointments of crew chiefs. The e-board voted to retain, remove or council. The board had list of 18 crew chiefs from last year and 4 alternates. To be retained you would need 5 votes of 7. 15 crew chiefs were retained .The crew chief candidates will come before the board for interviews. The scheduling for interviews will be sent out by Phil.

Joe McGrath report on Leadership Conference in Orlando. FHSAA will be using arbiter this year for testing, rule books. As to rule books when you pay your dues to FHSAA you will be able to get on arbiter and print the books. This is the third carrier in 3 years. All problems as in the pass are not all fixed but they are working on it. The FHSAA will no longer exempt officials from test when they have a score of 90 and above for 5 years. They would exempt you every other year.

Rules Interpreter Tommy James covered a number of signals and break down sessions.

Meeting adjourned: 8:40 pm

BFOA Board Meeting - 5/15/17

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Called to order 6 pm

Board members present: Phil Serfass, Joe McGrath, John Fusaro, Tyrone Montgomery, Anthony Vento, Anthony Smith, Excused: Scott Singer, Rules Interpreter Tommy James, Commissioner Tye Sager

Phil opened meeting with Commissioner Tye Sager addressing give backs for spring games. Tye said he has 20 give backs for 20 spring games. The board discussed this issue and would look into fines for future games. Joe McGrath said he will look in to by-laws on this and will report back to board. Phil also said that we would have to have apparatus to implement said problem.

Joe McGrath on recruiting. He said he has a list of about 30 people and 6 want to transfer to Broward. Joe would like to introduce and recognize new members at general meeting.

Tommy James said that we will not have break out session but he would like to meet with all white hats as to new rule on blindside block. He also said training for new members will start July 18 at South Plantation High at 7pm.

Joe also said that a member contacted him about are account. The member asked why we have large balance as we are a nor profit organization. Phil addressed this that we have expenses as to the FHSAA, evaluators, and other expenses that may arise. The state is now using arbiter and some school are not using HUDL and will be using different companies. This will be another cost we will have.

Meeting adjourned: 6:45 pm

General Meeting

Called to Order; 7 pm

Phil welcomed all members to the 2017 football season. He asked all new members that listened to broadcast with himself and Joe Rose. Seven members did stand and were recognized. Phil said that was a great recruiting tool. Joe McGrath recruiting chairperson then had all other new members stand and be recognized.

Phil then recognized the board members. He also addressed how important it is to attend meetings. You must make 10 of 12 mandatory meetings. We will have breakdown session starting next meeting and Tommy James will address new rules and will use HUDL for games situations. Also, all give backs will be assigned at general meeting. So, if you are looking for more games you have to attend meeting.

Commissioner Try Sager addressed members and had a number of openings for spring games. He filled them all at meeting.

Vince Mundo asked members for moment of silence for R.L. Landers passed away May 17,2017. R.L. started the first football and basketball official’s associations in Broward County and is a charter and life member of both. He also is co-founder of the Broward softball and volleyball associations. He was inducted into the Broward Community College Hall of Fame and Florida High School Athletic Association Hall of Fame. He was honored with the Brian Piccolo Award, Jim Cisco Award, Fort Lauderdale Service Award Florida Coaches Distinguished Service Award and St Thomas Award for his outstanding contributions to Broward County Sports. In 1985, he was honored with naming of the R.L. Landers Softball Field at Croissant Park. And the R.L. Landers Sportsmanship Trophy was named in his honor and is given each year by Broward Football Officials.

Vince said that the registration has not been finalized because we are waiting for the fee for NASO. Registration will be on-line and is $45.00. He also said that if you have your vendor badge with you and need it up dated leave it with him and he will scan it and return it next meeting. Pat Carter said that NASO has liability insurance, lawyers’ fees, covers fees for games from rec leagues to college.

Rules Interpreter Tommy James wanted to address 3 main topics that were discussed at the FHSAA advisory committee meeting. 1. Each school must have at least one 7-person crew per season. 2. First round of play offs games will be 7-person crew. 3. $2.00 increase in pay.

Tommy also addressed some signals that we are not properly being used.

1. Unsportsmanlike conduct- Arm straight out, not waving up and down.

2. End of quarter- hold ball up not waving ball.

3. Illegal forward pass- Arm behind back, turn to press box so they can see signal.

4. Back Judge- white bean bag for first touching- Blue for PSK foul

Meeting Adjourned 8:15 pm

BFOA Board Meeting - 4/10/17

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Called To order: 7 pm

Board members present: Phil Serfass, Joe McGrath, Scott Singer, John Fusaro, Tyrone Montgomery, Anthony Vento,

Rules Interpreter Tommy James, Commissioner Tye Sager, Excused: Anthony Smith, Member: Vince Mundo

Phil opened meeting with a couple of changes in minutes from last board meeting. Spring games will be in last week of May and General meeting will be September 5 not the fourth. He also reported that Tye asked him to attend the coaches meeting on the 19 to discuss new rule changes and to focus mostly on new rule blindside blocking. Phil also asked the advisory chair members to appoint members to committee.

Commissioner Tye Sager advised the board that the 2017 Officials Summer Conference will be June 9,10 in St Petersburg. Phil said he will try to attend and also Joe McGrath. This year’s conference is open to all members. Phil asked Tye about the e-mails sent out to crew chiefs that are returning. Try said that all said they want to return. Joe McGrath said that John Gazzano contacted him after last meeting that he may not be back. He said that he would like to be a evaluator. The board wants to know by May meeting if he will return as we will be voting on next year’s crew chiefs. The board had a long discussion and procedures of appointment of crew chiefs.

John Fusaro asked the board if Fred formerly of Honig,s and now with Purchase Officials could address the board. Fred said that he has been in contact with the FHSAA about being supplier with state logo on uniforms. As of date they are staying with Honig,s. He asked the board for their support and if they could send a letter to FHSAA to that affect. The new address for Purchase Officials is:

642 NE 40 court, Oakland Park, 33334 Store hours: 9 to 5 pm. Phone 954-990-5806. Please call first as he is the only one at store.

Joe McGrath report that he has about 15 recruits that are interested in becoming football officials. He told them all to attend the first general meeting. The board discussed that the new recruits should attend spring football to observe.

Vince Mundo told the board that are web site installed and built by him has the ability for all members to use not just for assignments but you also see evaluations, J.V. and Varsity draft. With Arbiter, you do not. The system is getting old and hopes it will last for long time to come.

Meeting adjourned: 8:20pm

BFOA Board Meeting - 3/13/17

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Board members present: Phil Serfess, Joe McGrath, Scott Signer, John Fusaro,

Rules Interpreter Tommy James Absent: Anthony Smith, , Tyrone Montgomery

Excused: Anthony Vento, Commissioner Tye Sager Members present: Bob McKinney

Phil opened meeting with motion accept minutes from last meeting with one correction as to start of spring football. Date should be April not May. Motion to accept by John Fusaro, second by Scott Singer, motion passed.

Phil also asked the board to start to appoint members to the committees that are the advisory person. He said that he has a member contact him about the eligibility for varsity draft. As of now the by-laws read 4 years. The board will look into evaluations of members and discuss at next board meeting. He also reported to board that we have a new Executive Director with FHSAA. His name is Geoege Tomyn.

Bob McKinney reported on Fred formally of Honig,s who is now with Purchase Officials. He said that Honig,s has closed down all of its satellite facilities. Fred is in the process of negotiating with FHSAA to have a contact. Honig,s give 15 % of sales back to FHSAA. Phil said that if Fred does embark on that endeavor that he has the support of E-Board. Board voted and agreed. Bob also reported on the 2-inch stripe shirt and new logo. That is most likely 2 years down the road.

Treasurer Scott Singer said not much activity on account. Balance in account is $11,009.00. He said he had to reimburse Tye Sager for PO box for use for association. There was one retuned check of $78.00 for play-off game for Keith Knauer. Passed practice was to reissue check. Steve Haft contacted Scott that the HUDL account was due to expire March 3,2017. He did contact HUDL and they told him that the only way the will take payment is by credit card or debit. Scott paid with his credit card. Phil said no motion needed to reimburse. Scott said that HUDL we have several members sit up as administrators on the account. To pay bill Scott had to sit himself up as a administrator. The account shows last year e-board as administrators. HUDL chairperson Anthony Vento will have to contact them to update.

Joe McGrath on recruiting. He said he has 7 people on web site that show interest and also his list from last year that he will contact.

Next year schedule for meeting was voted on and approved.

They are at South Plantation High School at 7PM The dates are:

May 15, June 12, 26, July 10,24, August 7, 21, Sept, 4, 18, Oct 2, 16, 30

Meeting adjourned; 7:45 PM next meeting April 10 7 PM

BFOA Board Meeting - 2/13/2017

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Board members present: Phil Serfass, Anthony Smith, Joe McGrath, Scott Singer, John Fusaro, Anthony Vento,

Commissioner: Tye Sager Rules Interpreter: Tommy James

Phil Serfass opened meeting to address returning crew chiefs. He will send out a mass e-mail to all crew chiefs that are coming back and at that time we will address appointments at next e-board meeting. After said e-mail is sent then we will send out mass e-mail to all members to see number that are returning.

As per schedule of meeting for upcoming season Phil would like to have 1 or 2 meetings in May and 1 every 2 weeks during season. Anthony Vento advised the board that last year we had 2 meetings on Tuesday and had poor attendance. At next broad meeting the entire schedule will be put together and published. Also, was discussed by the board was the requirement of attendance of meeting. The board is looking at having 16 meeting and a requirement to attend 10. The board also had discussed the form on are web site at to being excused. Members are just taking advantage and this subject will be addressed in detail at next board meeting.

Phil asked for motion to except reading of minutes of last board meeting. Motion by John Fusaro, second by Anthony Vento. Last month’s minutes are published and are on web site.

Treasurer Scott Singer report that all names have been changed on bank account and that his name and Phil are now on the account. Also, voted on at last year membership meeting that dues will stay at $45.00.

Commissioner Tye Sager stated that registration forms will be ready for next board meeting. Also, spring games will be in April.

The board voted and approved board members as advisory to committees.

They are:

Training: John Fusaro

Recommendation: Scott Singer

Grievance: Anthony Smith

Evaluation: Phil Serfass

HUDL: Anthony Vento

Assignment: Joe McGrath

Also Joe McGrath will chair committee for recruiting.

Meeting adjourned: 7:20 pm

Next board meeting is March 13 at 7 pm

BFOA Board Meeting - 1/11/2017

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Called to order: 6pm

Board members present: Phil Serfass, Anthony Smith, Joe McGrath, Scott Singer, John Fusaro, Anthony Vento

Commissioner Tye Sager, Rules Interpreter Tommy James, Member: Tom Winston

Phil Serfass welcome all new board members and looking forward representing are members along with the board. Phil advised the board that recruiting has to be are number one priority as are numbers are going down every year. He would like to set up a committee just for recruiting.

Phil told the board that he and Joe McGrath had a meeting with Athletic Director Shawn Cerra to address any issues and concerns. One major concern Shawn has is scheduling of officials. He suggested that we do not assign games for the entire season. He wants higher ranked officials for the more competitive games in that way he said we can use evaluations for the upcoming games. Shawn has had this conversation with Tye and would like the board support. Anthony Vento asked how we address this as to assigning the games. Phil stated that we can have a assignment committed to set up the mechanics that we would use and present to the board and we would forward to Tye .

Joe McGrath addressed Shawn about security before and after games. He advised him that crew chiefs arrive at site looking to contact A.D. or person in charge a number of times no person to contact . When the game is over no police escort. He said he will look into it.

Treasurer Scott Singer said he did meet with Steve Haft the former treasurer to go over transition of books. Scott distributed treasures report and budget for last year. The balance is $10,976.00. The report was approved at the last general membership meeting. Scott said that we only need one signature on account and he would like two. Any expenditures outside the norm would have to be voted on by the board.

Joe McGrath reported that all minutes from last year were approved and posted on are website.

Commission Tye Sager also made it a point that recruiting has to be are number one priority. As to the meeting Phil and Joe had with Shawn about assignment of games he has to handle all A.D., s how terrible the crews were or so forth. Tye said he does not want to take crews off games once the game were assigned. With assigning he has used a point values system for the 12 years and it is very adequate. He said he would like to use HUDL for evaluations of members as it a very valuable tool.

Phil stated that he would like to have a board member to look into the operations of HUDL so all members can use it. Anthony Vento volunteered to oversee HUDL.

Meeting adjourned: 7:10pm