Jonas Beyrer

About me:

I am currently a postdoc at the IHES, Paris in the group of Fanny Kassel, supported by the SNF.

Before that I was a postdoc at the university of Heidelberg in the group of A. Wienhard and B. Pozzetti. I did my PhD with V. Schroeder at university of Zürich, where I recieved my degree in 09/2018


Research interests:

I am interested in negatively and non-positively curved groups and spaces, with a focus on boundaries and asymptotic behavior. Currently I am working with discrete subgroups of Lie groups (Anosov representations and higher Teichmüller theory), CAT(0) cube complexes and hyperbolic groups.

Publications and Preprints:

  1. A collar lemma for partially hyperconvex surface group representations, (j.w. B. Pozzetti), arXiv:2004.03559

  2. Cross ratios on CAT(0) cube complexes and marked length-spectrum rigidity (j.w. E. Fioravanti), arXiv:1903.02447

  3. Cubulations and cross ratios on contracting boundaries (j.w. E. Fioravanti), arXiv:1810.08087

  4. CAT(0) cube complexes are determined by their boundary cross ratio (j.w. E. Fioravanti and M. Incerti-Medici), arXiv:1805.08478, to appear in Groups, Geometry and Dynamics

  5. Cross ratios on boundaries of symmetric spaces and Euclidean buildings, Transformation Groups (2020).

  6. Trees and ultrametric Möbius structures (j.w. V. Schroeder), V. P-Adic Num. Ultrametr. Anal. Appl. (2017) 9: 247

  7. A complete description of the antipodal set of most symmetric spaces of compact type, Osaka J. Math (2018) 55, no. 3