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Non-Academic Career Paths for Cognitive and Developmental Scientists

Research on cognition and development has far-reaching implications, but many graduate students are trained only for academic careers. Academic skills such as research, publishing, grant-writing, teaching, and student mentorship have direct application in non-academic positions, but graduate and post-doctoral training often does not address the translation of these skills to other work environments. Scholars who want to explore non-academic employment options may not know where to turn for guidance.

The goal of this professional development workshop is to provide an opportunity for scholars who are considering careers outside of academia to: learn about the process of finding and applying for appropriate positions; develop effective ways present their skills and interest to prospective employers; and network with other scholars with similar backgrounds, interests, and goals. The session will be led by Dr. Carissa Shafto (data scientist, Brightfield Strategies) and Dr. Vanessa Simmering (research scientist, ACTNext by ACT, Inc.) who have previously worked in academic positions, providing them with insights into the similarities and differences in these career paths.

Coming soon: activities and resources from the workshop

Join us for a pre-conference workshop at the Cognitive Development Society Biennial Meeting in Louisville, KY, on Thursday, October 17 (1-5pm) to learn more about non-academic career paths for cognitive and developmental scientists.

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