Beyond the Essay

Take your persuasive writing unit...

... to infinity and beyond!

High school English classes equip students with the skills to write an effective persuasive essay, but how many of us read persuasive essays in our regular lives?

Today, the art of persuasion is more important than ever, so students still need those skills of argumentation, but they also need to know how to use media to communicate their message.

We know that people are more engaged by visuals and videos, so we need to use all of the tools in our persuasive tool kits!

Using instructional videos and examples, this site will walk students through how to write a clear persuasive essay and then take that same argument and transform it into media forms.

Essay Draft

Mindmap, outline, and draft an essay on a current issue that matters to you! Learn how to support your point with evidence and organize your ideas in a persuasive manner.

Transform your essay into a visual poster that is short and to the point. Use icons and images to bolster your opinion.

Get to the point with headings, short text, bullet points and a key visual. Blogs draw you in with personal positions on compelling topics - a quick and easy read!

Blended is Best.mp3

Interview experts and share stories to support your opinion. Add a music track in the background to heighten the emotion, and you've got a podcast!

Blended is Best.mp4

Create a short persuasive video (like a commercial) to share your opinion. Use images, a script, music, and transitions to bring it all together!