FROM THE EAST (May 2020)


Today’s environment brings to mind the three great principles of Faith, Hope, and Charity. The coronavirus and our collective response to it, no matter how you describe it, constantly challenges us and our principles. How something so small and simple as a virus, the invisible enemy, can create so much devastation is hard to understand – the number of deaths, the historical unemployment figures, the need for stay-at-home orders.

Our Faith is being tested by the actions of government in closing of our places of worship in the interest of breaking the transmission of the contagion. Participation with others even if it is only at a distance needs to continue. The fact that individuals are most contagious at the very time they first start to show symptoms, and in some cases, not showing any signs at all, makes this distancing critically important to all. Indeed, we should each pray that we and other will have the strength and capacity to place the health of our neighbors ahead of our own desires.

My Hope is that this will finally pass and that we will be able to once again dwell together in unity. The impact to our communities is high. We need to respond by finding the light to go forward and find those opportunities that this experience has left at our doorstep to do address. How do we avoid a repletion and in putting things back together, how can we make them better in the process?

Charity is not just giving. It requires that we expect nothing in return. Many in our communities are suffering from the hardships produced by the events of the battle with the coronavirus. All of us have something we can contribute. Each of us needs to consider how we can best help others in need. This is our obligation.

For the remainder of the year I want to pursue with you how we should best act as Masons in the spirit of charity. When we finally meet again, come prepared to account to your brothers what it is you have done in this time to contribute to the assistance of others. We can lend support to them and thereby be inspired to do more ourselves. Let me or one of the other officers know of your thoughts and observations. How do we turn this experience into something that makes all of us better?

On a side note, we recently held a blood drive this past month and were able to collect a total of 35 units of blood, which according the American Red Cross could save up to 105 lives! Due to the success of this event, we are holding another drive on Thursday, May 28, from 2 pm to 7 pm. Please refer to the flyer in the Trestleboard for additional information. If you are unable to attend this one, several other lodges are also holding blood drives as well. Please consider giving!

Also, please look forward to our Virtual Lodge Meetings (Zoom) on Thursday, May 7, and May 21, both starting at 7:30 pm (see the Trestleboard for details). While I am seeking a speaker for the 21st, I am happy to announce that we have RW Omar Morris, Grand Marshal, slated for a presentation on the 7th.

Finally brethren, as always, I ask that you keep the members of our Armed Forces, medical professionals, first responders, and all of those who are truly putting themselves in harm’s way, in your everyday thoughts and prayers.

Sincerely & Fraternally,

Michael Carnivale, III, Worshipful Master

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Bro. Patrick A Augello - 11

Bro. Paul A Barnes - 11

DB Eric Scott Bracken - 10

WB Michael Carnivale, III - 10

Bro. Gary J Christopher - 11

RW Lucian D Craig - 26

WB Stephen G Devenny, Sr - 24

WB Howard S Dumhart, Jr - 26

Bro. Michael Dydek - 11

Bro. Warren E Frederick, Jr. - 24

Bro. David A Fultz - 11

Bro. John I Haaf - 28

Bro. Harry F Hanczar - 42

Bro. Robert Hunt - 28

Bro. Mohammed Jawaad Hussain - 5

Bro. Mark Ingrum - 5

WB Les Lee R Jamerson - 28

Bro. Henry Michalski - 13

Bro. William J Moleins - 26

Bro. Stephen Paul Westhoven - 4

Bro. Harold H Wilmerton - 58


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19th Masonic District Lodge of Instruction - February 6, 2020, Burlington No. 32
Bro. Schwartz, Bro. Pastor, Bro. Maslanik, Bro. Ocansey, RW Flynn, RW VanderHorn & RW Golway, PDDGM at March DLI, Beverly-Riverside No. 107 (March 3, 2020)
19th Masonic District Lodge of Instruction - January 7, 2020, Mount Moriah No. 28
WB Carnivale, Bro. EA McCartney, Bro. EA Schulze, and Bro. Schulze (January 23, 2020)
Past Master's MM Degree - December 2019
WB Stebbins with newly raised brethren! - December 2019