Beumjin Cho


I am Beumjin Cho, a senior cloud security engineer at SAMSUNG SDS Research.

I was a research and engineering manager (as a founder) at Warever, a startup.
I developed a API gateway platform designed for MSA, providing scalability, reliability, and security.

Prior to joining Warever, I received my Ph.D. from POSTECH under the supervision of Prof. Jong Kim.
My research was focused on security and data management in mobile systems and IoT.

Based on my experience, I have a deep interest in the modern computing technologies, such as highly scalable, available, and secure systems.

Education & Experience

[01.2022 ~ ] Senior Cloud Security Engineer @ SAMSUNG SDS Research

[02.2020 ~ 06.2021] Research and development manager @ Warever

[02.2013 ~ 02.2020] M.S. and Ph.D. combined in Computer Science and Engineering, POSTECH

[08.2017 ~ 02.2018] Intern, Microsoft Asia @ Beijing, China

[03.2006 ~ 02.2013] B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering, Dongguk Univ.


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  • SD-OVS: SYN Flooding Attack Defending Open vSwitch for SDN

Xinyu Liu, Beumjin Cho, and Jong Kim

In Proceedings of the 17th International Workshop on Information Security Applications (WISA), Jeju Island, Korea, August 25-27, 2016


06.2018 ~ 12.2019: Blockchain Platform with Business Models towards Cross-domain Interoperability, IBRC, IITP

11.2017 ~ 11.2018: Learning-based, Context-aware Data Management Framework, MSRA (Microsoft Research Asia)

04.2016 ~ 02.2017: Samsung Smart TV Security Vulnerability Analysis, SAMSUNG Electronics

10.2014 ~ 10.2018: IoT Context-aware Unified IoT Platform for Security and Privacy, SAMSUNG Science & Technology Foundation

03.2013 ~ 12.2013: The Next Generation Web Browser, SAMSUNG Electronics

03.2013 ~ 09.2013: Android DB Security Protection Against Malicious Applications, LG Electronics