Philosophy of Education

Social Justice

We teach people, not a subject. Students are citizens and future leaders who must learn with a human purpose. An educated populace works towards positive change and equitable treatment for all. If we connect to issues that matter first, we can follow up with content. Student work will be natural and relevant.

21st Century Skills

Where the 4 Cs and Technology meet. The entirety of human knowledge is readily available to anyone via voice command, so skills that are transferable to any career or entrepreneurial endeavor are most valuable. Content is the lens. Students must live as producers, not just consumers. They can create, engineer, share, inspire. Upload as much as you download.


Let's get learning out of silos! Students can explore global issues spanning multiple areas of expertise, including the complex dynamics between technology, culture and society. We can include math and literacy as a natural part of education.


Instead of 'covering' information on a list of standards, students can uncover and discover the subjects they are most passionate about and learn to connect with their home life, culture, and community. Meaningless memorization does not last long. Deep, emotional experiences imprint teachable moments into permanent memory.

Growth Mindset

Failure is an opportunity to improve. There is more value to the journey than the destination. Grades, test scores, a preponderance of data can inform us, but if we're not careful, they can also enumerate and rank students instead of supporting them. Don't let "education" get in the way of learning!