anti-Rename Dixon Landing to obama Rd

Grandstanding politicians create this drama and unnecessary chaos to local residents for what? Look at the poll created by Mayor Rich Tran on Facebook, people spoke and got ignored!

“ What's the gain or purpose for this non-sense? Nothing, but only cost tax payer's money and show how boring those politicians are!” quote from one resident's comments.

If you feel the same way and tired of those Problem-creating issues rather than some good problem resolving solutions.

We want the city to call back this decision and stop this type of absurd proposal in the future.

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Dixon Landing Road, and Dixon Road, its continuation east of Highway 880, were named for Matthew Dixon, who came west for the gold rush, and in 1861 bought 600 acres of land, on both sides of the Santa Clara/Alameda county line, for his farm. The area was then known as Harrisburg.

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"But the biggest issue on Tran's mind was the optics.

That's because the western edge of Dixon Landing Road leads to the Newby Island Landfill - a source of constant odor and ridicule in Milpitas. A popular Google search questions is: "Why does Milpitas smell so bad." According to the answer on the website, Milpitas Odor Info, it's a confluence of factors including the close proximity of the Newby Island Landfills, the ZWED Anaerobic organics digestion facility, the Milpitas sewage pump station, the San Jose Waste Water Treatment Plant and Zanker Landfills. "