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Cut Video (7 Mins) 官方节选录像 7分钟精华

Key Video Timeline/关键问题时间节点

  • 3:52:00 Chia Ling Kong is the highest score after interview from MUSD. 9 points higher than Minh in a 160 points total system. Ling 拿到全场最高分,满分160分中以9分遥遥领先。
  • 3:50:00 Ranking result cheating: 3 votes for Minh as first choice, 2 votes for Ling as first choice, within only 4 voters???? 第一计: 临时改变评审规则,横加排名法。最逗的是一共4票,唱票出来5票?
  • 4:03:00 Vice President Hon Lien changed her scores after summited it, trying to change the result. Trustee Tsai asked "are we allowed to change scores?" 第二计: VP Hon Lien临时改分
  • 4:05:20 President Norwood was comparing top 2 candidate's qualification, Ling stay out-standing but at 4:07:43 Vice President Hon Lien stoped him and said "We just vote" 第三计: VP Hon Lien不让比较 要求直接投票

Interview Candidate Ling:" I was a bit shocked when one of the board members asked for her scorecard back so that she could change her score. And that’s when it hit me. That this process might not be as fair as I thought it would be, Just imagine, if you’re a judge at a gymnastic competition and said, ‘Can I get my scorecard back?’ because you don’t like the result? And this is done in an open meeting? I was taken aback. "

采访候选人Ling:“当一名董事会成员要求她的记分卡回来以便她可以改变她的分数时,我感到震惊。就在那个时候,我被击中了。我想这个过程可能不像我想的那样公平,大家可以想象一下,如果你是一名体操比赛的裁判,你能说因为我想要的选手没赢,我不喜欢这个结果,并且说 “我可以拿回我的记分卡吗” ?这种情况可以发生在公开会议上吗?” 这太扯了。