Hotspot: Petition - Appeal MUSD's Unwise Decision

Hotspot: Appeal MUSD's Unwise Decision

We all desire good schools. Good schools require capable leaders. This year, Milpitas Unified School District had one very capable candidate, so capable that she had an unprecedented 9 points lead over the second-ranking candidate out of a possible 40 points (160 total by 4 interviewing board members) during the job interview. However, she was not selected by the school board, under the influence of Superintendent Cheryl Jordan. We have created a petition to appeal the board's decision. We need 600 VALID voter signatures by 9/10/2019. Please contact us and sign the petition (see below for more materials needed).

Watch the video above. It is part of the recording of that controversial board meeting. The video was released only after community outcry.

Vice President Hon Lien changed the scores after submission. When that didn't change the ranking, the "process" was still led to continuing.

The superintendent had a role to influence the school board. In the video, MUSD Superintendent Cheryl Jordan skillfully steers the way of the selection process to her desired outcome. It is a typical display of influence exerted by a dominating power. Someone clearly has too much power in MUSD. The "Culture of We" is NOT observed in the board room.

Power breeds corruption. It is then understandable that folks are worried about the possible indiscreet allocation of funds. Ultimately, a system with a skewed power distribution cannot produce good schools.

Then there is a problem because we desire better schools. With the demographics and the state of the real estate market (a big part of the property tax goes to fund the school district), there is every reason that our schools can be much much better.

An appeal petition to this appointment was initiated by some outraged community members. We are collecting signatures to be submitted to the county superintendent's office.

So our petition is a petition for better schools. This is our statement that we demand changes in MUSD from the top. This is our statement to demand transparency along with checks and balances. This is our statement to demand capable leaders.

We need 600 valid voter signatures by 9/10. Only a few days remain. We require many more. We need your help for just a short time.


For more details, please read here .

Watch more detailed meeting videos 现场录像列表

Here are what you need if you would like to help:

  • Fill this out if you would sign or help collect signatures or want to contact us for more information.
  • Petition form
  • Petition Q&A Flyer. Another Petition Flyer
  • Petition form filling instructions (Must read before collecting signatures. It is very important to ensure all signatures are valid. The signatures will be verified by the county office to take effect.)

[Show up at meeting to protest] Help spread the word and concern. Call people to show up at the school next MUSD meeting. This is our deadline and last chance to sign the petition. Sep 10, 7pm @MUSD Room 500, 1331 East Calaveras Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035