9/24/2019 Meeting

Expose Key Evidence

Milpitas Unified School District’s Board of Governance will continue its inquiry into the recent board appointment process as requested by several members of the public and community organizations. Our research began shortly after the appointment was called into question. We have been in contact with the Santa Clara County Office of Education and the Registrar of Voters to determine the best course of action. With additional information introduced at the September 24 board meeting, we are researching and planning for a meeting to discuss the matter openly and in front of the public as we have done throughout this process. We want to thank everyone for being actively involved and request that we remain respectful with an open mind as we work through this together as a Board, District and Community. More to follow.

(From MUSD.org on Sep 25, 2019)

Ling's speech: Present new evidence. Scoresheets were modified!!!

... (I am) a parent in this school district for 13 years. I was here 6 weeks ago in good faith that the board appointment process and decision would be fair and transparent. Unfortunately that faith was tainted by questionable rating results, open manipulation of scorecards, and ad-hoc vote changes without proper explanation. I only learned of the vote change reasoning from a Milpitas Beat article 5 weeks after it happened.

Many who watched the meeting video immediately sensed something was amiss. But I refrained from taking a position on the community-driven petition until I have all the facts. These past few weeks have been extremely stressful for my family. I have been the subject of harassment, intimidation, accusation, misrepresentation and conspiracy theories as the prospect of a special election begins to divide this community.

I patiently waited 4 weeks for the interview public records to be released by the superintendent. Here in my hand is your raw score and rank sheets, as well as the tally done by staff. Finally, I have clarity on the situation.

I reviewed the records with a few MUSD parents. We were shocked to find that Minh never received 3 first choice rank as announced during the appointment. We concur that your appointment decision was misguided by erroneous rank tally across 5 candidates - intentional or otherwise.

It is now clear that the community petition has merit, and any cost of a special election is of your doing - not mine, not the 700 Milpitas voters who signed the petition, and certainly not the sole board member who stood up for process integrity. I urge you to accept responsibility for the turmoil and take immediate action to right the wrong.

Mr Graham who helped me reviewed the records last night has generously offered to state the evidence for your consideration.

David Graham Speech: Data Analyze

My name is David Graham. I’m a resident of Milpitas and have three sons attending Milpitas schools. I am concerned about the manner in which the recently vacated seat on the school board has been filled.

The remaining members of the school board settled on a process for selecting a person to serve out the remainder of the term of the vacated seat that included two metrics to be evaluated after all candidates had a chance to answer a set of eight questions posed by the school board during a school board meeting on August 13. The first metric was a composite interview score determined by adding scores from each school board member for each of the interview questions. The second metric was a ranking of candidate desirability from 1 through 8.

The first page of the two page handout made available to everyone shows, at top, the candidate rankings produced by each of the four existing board members: column 8 of each ranking sheet represents the final candidate ranking by the corresponding board member. It is a straightforward matter to tally the rankings (including taking note of the tie in first place ranking from one board member); those results are shown in the summary of rankings at the bottom right of the page. The purported tally made during the meeting - which can readily be seen to be incorrect in numerous ways, but most importantly in its representation of the number of first place rankings received by Ling and Minh - is shown at the bottom left of the exhibit. Contrary to the contention during the meeting that Minh received 3 first place ranking votes and Ling 2, in fact, Ling received 3 first place ranking votes and Minh 2, so that, accepting the basis for evaluating the ranking metric used during the school board meeting, Ling was the first choice candidate based on the ranking metric.

The second page of the two page handout shows, at left, a summary of the four interview scores given for each of the eight candidates. As can be seen, Ling had the highest total score by a decisive margin of 8.5 points over the second place score of Minh. After this result was announced, one board member was allowed to change their interview scores for Ling and Minh: the score sheets reflecting that board member’s initial scores and changes are shown at the right of the page. These changes reduced the margin between the scores, but still resulted in Ling having the highest score.

Using the school board’s methodology for choosing the new school board member, there can be no dispute that Ling was the first choice among the 8 candidates. Yet, as a consequence of the misrepresentation of results during the selection meeting, Minh has been installed as the new board member. My question to the board now is: how do you intend to hold yourselves accountable and rectify the clear mistake you’ve made in your selection of the new school board member?

Residents' Demands For MUSD Board

1/ Special meeting. Board need to officially address this item for a special meeting within 15 days to avoid costly special election deadline Oct 13.

2/ Independent investigation. Board need to have independent investigation on whoever modified the result. Give the public a detail report.

3/ Deep investigation. In the independent investigation, not only the appointment need to be reviewed, but also all related contracts, emails, texts, documents, any discussion from the one who modified result should be reviewed as well and report to public for transparency. He/She need to stop and hand over current work until investigation finish.

4/ Solutions. Board need to provide solutions to fix this problem soon. We demand for straight, effective, and cost less solution. Also in the future, how to prevent this problem happen again.

5/ Video transparency. Our sister school district FREMONT district put every meeting video online. MUSD need to put all the meeting video online within 48 hours. No more hiding.


If anyone of you didn’t manage to speak or come, please write to the school board to demand for an independent investigation on this issue. This is a clear something wrong. The school board is accountable for the people not the administration, unions or even the teachers. For now, don’t copy superintendent. The special election is in their hands before Oct 13. We urge accountability NOW!!!

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