Why we object

Why someone propose to open 10 pot shop in Milpitas?

  • Milpitas is so well located in such a Convenient central location. Easy access to highway, BART, light rail, public transportation make it an ideal location for fast distribute Marijuana to nearby cities, company working force, teenagers and even kids etc.
  • Milpitas is future Urban area which a lot of middle class population lived relatively close by. Ideal consumer and location for any business.

Please watch the following videos and then think about the potential impact of Pot shops to our life and our city:

Potential Impacts on all Milpitas and nearby residence

While all neighboring cities including Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Palo Alto and Cupertino have banned cannabis dispensaries after evaluation, Milpitas should say no too!

Impact to life

  • Predictable worse traffic congestion with all cannabis users from around the area
  • Crime rate increase including robbery and theft due to the cash-only cannabis business nature
  • Lack of viable measures for the understaffed Mountain View Police Department to enforce the cannabis regulation such as no on-site consumption
  • Potential rising number of Driving-under-influence (DUI) cases that has occurred in other cities with cannabis dispensaries
  • Neighborhood peace to be ruined by loitering and on site consumption of marijuana

Impacts on schools and kids

  • Higher risk of exposure to second hand marijuana smoke for school-aged children
  • Easier access to marijuana edibles/candies and drugs for youngsters
  • Negative moral values for next generation

Impacts on small businesses

  • Losing existing/potential patrons due to increased traffic and parking difficulties.
  • Expecting decline in customers of afterschool/art/gymnastic/dance studios serving children as there is zero buffer required for these small businesses. Concerned parents will seek to avoid areas close to cannabis dispensaries
  • Increase in commercial property rent driven by lucrative cannabis business who can afford much higher rents

Impacts on City Image

  • City will lose the healthy image
  • City will spend lots of extra money to rehab and cure the aftermath and problems
  • People might hesitate to move into the city and lose working force
  • Family with kid might move to other city and never turning back
  • City might lose workforce and companies.
  • City become famous as a capital of Marijuana.