No Marijuana Shops


What's Next in Milpitas?

  1. Be sure to check daily for updated news and action list.
  2. On 12/19 Council Members again voted 4:0 to continue the ban. Press Release here. You can write a letter to thank the city council for the vote.
  3. Must Join, as many people as possible: 1/15/2019 Permanent Ban will be discussed and ideally to be in place. Group people to join the Next Meeting at 6-6:30pm Around Jan.15, 2019 (Date TO Be Confirmed by City) and ready to voice up any time! Address: 455 E. Calaveras Dr, Milpitas, CA 95035. Important agenda listed below. And when you join the meeting, stay clam, quiet and state your opinion clearly and firmly.
  4. 1/17/2019 Current Ban expired. Either the new permanent Ban in place or a gap will be created for marijuana business to squeeze in under State Law.
  5. Check City agenda daily for most recent change.
  6. Check Milpitas Facebook page for official updates
  7. Spread the news, pass the Flyer English to more people and talk with your neighbors so that they can come as well.
  8. Continue to Sign the online petition at Do not need to Chip after the petition. It's won't be disburse to us by
  9. Call, meet and email all current and new city council members and even the city attorney for the following items:
    1. demand that Anthony Phan be recusing himself for this issue/bill, not just on 11/20. It is the number of letters, but not the content, that counts. Sample Letter
    2. demand they do follow through on the resolution of 11/20 and timeline, that is to approve a local ordinance for banning commercialization of marijuana in the city and ensure that the ordinance is complete and adequate for the protection of citizens.


What is happening?

  • 10+ POT business in Small family-oriented town Milpitas? Initially 4 store front + 6 non-retail, like cultivators or manufacturers. See Mercury News!
  • 600ft from school and 200ft from kindergarten.
  • Milpitas city council unanimously vote 4-0 to permanent ban commercial marijuana business in Milpitas. Anthony Phan recuse himself because of conflict of interest. See news here!
  • What is next? City Council Directs Action to Initiate a Permanent Ban on Commercial Cannabis
  • Los altos, Palo Alto, Saratoga, Sunnyvale and Cupertino all ban marijuana sales withinin the city. Fremont even ban the medical delivery. Only San Jose allow 2 initially but have to be far from residential and school. 600ft from school and 200ft from kindergarten
  • Milpitas has no tax regulations on Marijuana sales.
  • Milpitas taxpayer have to pay for all the extra expense might cause the aftermath.
  • More readings...

  • Despite medical cannabis laws in states, cannabis is still illegal under federal law. It's a crime to sale marijuana publicly. Please read Details here.
  • Increased crime rate, irresponsible drivers who might cause traffic safety issues, air pollution, loitering and drug exposure to school-age children and teenagers etc.
  • Families and business will be affected.
  • Pot shop owner might make money but city taxpayer might lose more in the long run for all the expense. Main reason that Fremont ban medical delivery is because of this concern from the head of police department.
  • City will lose the healthy image.

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