About US

OUR MISSION: Creating a Better Milpitas!

Among the fastest growing cities in Silicon Valley, Milpitas has gained more and more attention due to its premier location. As local residents, we found that:

    • Milpitas was targeted by many special interest groups
    • Milpitas stands on the front lines of many social changes
    • Locals need to raise their voices and fight off these negative forces to not let them influence Milpitas — or even the whole Bay Area
    • Milpitas will fight for our future generations

We believe people should have the right to be aware of what's happening in the city and take actions before it's too late.

NO Special interest, NO Hidden Agenda, Together, we fight for a greater and stronger community.


BetterMilpitas.org is a group of milpitas residents and volunteers that work together for a better Milpitas. We inform people about what is happening locally and let people's voices be heard.

Disclaimer: The accuracy of this website is not guaranteed! Please do your own research and take your own responsibility to any action.