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Watch your fridge change over time and use machine learning to pair your tastes with the seasons freshest foods.

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Hey there, I'm Robert. I live in the bay area and love to garden. I wanted to help people get their own gardens started but realized that what is more important is knowing what to grow months in advance. If I can create a system that allows you to tell me exactly what you love or dislike, I can help create Micro-farms all around the bay area where you live that know that in 2 months you will want Bok Choy for a stir-fry, or Spinach for a quiche.

Instead of growing lots of food and hoping that we can sell and distribute it all to the right people. I am trying to figure out how to learn what you love and then make sure your favorite veggies are being grown ahead of when you will want them.

By doing this we can lower the food waste in the whole system, possibly lowering the cost and increasing the freshness of items by growing them closer to you, maybe even in your own neighborhood produced by a Micro-Farmer.